Religious Leaders Support the Recall of Infamous Shiva Slot

Gausmann Espelkamm Merkur Division

In efforts to recall the Shiva themed slot game that has been strongly condemned by the Hindu community, other religious leaders unite in protestation of the infamous gaming title.

Recently, Merkur Division of Espelkamp (Germany) has launched a slot that centers around the Hindu god Shiva, a game that has caused an uproar from the followers of the religion. However, now leaders of other religions have also decided to back Hindus in an attempt to recall the game from operating on mobile betting sites.

Jikai’ Phil Bryan, a devout Buddhist leader, expressed his views on the heated matter by stressinh how the game is not respectful and must be shut down imminenetly. “The game’s usage of Shiva and other Hindu religions symbols and iconography is wholly inappropriate and should be discontinued.”

Elizabeth W. Beyer, a Jewish rabbi in California, stated that any religious iconography that is depicted and trivialized in a game cannot be at all considered appropriate by any standards. She also added that such holy matters must be practiced with respect and thoughtfulness.

Gauselmann Group has been asked to issue a public apology

Per German gambling laws, Merkur Division of Espelkamp has issued the game to online users under the name of the Gauselmann Group. The slot features a blue four armed Shiva that has a damru in one hand and also contains 50 paylines across 5 reels.

Rajan Zed, who is a popular Hindu statesman, expressed his wish for the German company to recall the game and direct a public apology to the religious community that this affects. He also highlighted how the god Shiva is supposed to be worshipped in temples and not displayed on commercial products that have nothing to do with the respective religion.

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