Republican Debate Summary – 2024 GOP Candidate Odds Change


Posted: September 29, 2023

Updated: September 29, 2023

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  • Republican Debate Summary

Today we are going to give you our full Republican debate summary. And oh boy this was one chaotic high-school debate club night. The party has managed to push independent voters away for sure. While the GOP competes against each other, they seem to ignore that Democrats have fewer people, thus they have more chances of winning. We remain independent, but we know who we will not bet on.

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Today we are going to make our Republican Debate Summary. It was the most chaotic debate in this century, which proves that having multiple candidates for the same election is not going to serve the party right. Keep in mind that we are fully independent when it comes to politics. Because we are mainly interested in betting at the online sportsbook sites in the US.

However, we can see that this debate did nothing good but push the voters further away from the Republican party. While they managed to eliminate some of the candidates with powerful claims, in the end, it may only serve DeSantis, Trump, or Biden.

Trump Skipped The Republican Debate Summary

According to ABC News, Trump did not show up to this debate. Which has earned him even more fire from the GOP. While it is justified, and it is their goal to close potential opponents out. At the same time, it feels like potential voters might see the GOP as a school group that wants to close people out. We all understand how much people do not want Trump to be a part of this election.

But due to the delivery and constant mocking, I felt less like a better group, and more like the other side of the same dirty coin. In conclusion, we believe that they did manage to hurt Trump among Republicans. But independent voters are not convinced to bet on Republicans. We will skip Trump’s statements from this summary (he didn’t show up). If you want to bet on him, register at Bovada Sportsbook.

Ramaswamy Summary

The Republican debate summary is rough on Ramaswamy. According to PBS, Ramaswamy has received the greatest damage out of everyone in this debate. Let’s start with his returning opinion against Ukraine. Stating the following; “The fact that Putin is an evil dictator, won’t make Ukraine any better”. – This has devolved into Haley pushing Ramaswamy’s affiliation with China. It is confirmed that he has massive business with the CPP.

Furthermore, they pointed out more suspicions on his TikTok. He also stated that transgender people are mentally sick. While Ramaswamy said: “I know I have to earn your trust” the answer was straightforward; Haley stated that they can not trust Ramaswamy as the new GOP member. Add together his affiliations with China, and his push against Ukraine and people can get the wrong idea. I consider Ramaswamy eliminated from the possibility of winning this election.

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DeSantis Summary – Republican Debate Summary

DeSantis is the only person who can be the new US President from the GOP. However, they kept resurfacing the fact that under his Governance, his State has worsened education. Because racism in education has always been a constant problem. And out-of-political parties, we can confirm that US education needs a rework. However, DeSantis allowed the publishing of material that suggests slaves learned things from their slavers.

In my opinion, DeSantis has nothing to do with this, as this is one single book. Therefore, DeSantis couldn’t personally fly over to the book publishers and check everything by himself. If he wants to be the next President, he needs to learn how to hold firms tightly and under clear scheduled investigation.

Haley Supports Units Against Mexican Cartels

This is where the Republican Debate summary gets confusing. Haley was extremely aggressive in this debate. I believe she was the main reason why it became so chaotic. Her sharp and precise critical skills, confident statements, and quick confrontation skills are fit for a President. At the same time, she seems to miss the analytics on how certain attacks on other GOP members will affect the outlook of the Republic party.

Highlighting all the problems will raise many questions; Can she fix all these problems in time? While she moved up a few ranks on the next US president predictions. She quickly destroyed her strategy by saying that he supports sending special unit agents to Mexico to deal with cartels. Isn’t controversial, but this bullet shouldn’t have been shot in this debate. Now it can only backfire instead of work.

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Tim Scott Summary – Republican Debate Summary

While Senator Tim Scott has a decent experience. It seems Haley managed to eliminate him as well from the people who could potentially win. According to Fox News, the highlight of the debate is their strange exchange. Haley said that the Senate has to learn how to solve things in time if any Republicans want to win the elections. Tim Scott as a Senator couldn’t allow the accusations about speed to his former boss.

Therefore, he brought up the fact that Haley spent an inordinate amount of money on curtains during the Obama administration. Keep in mind that this is extremely crucial because it supports some wrong, sexist claims. Therefore, Tim Scott eliminated Haley from the possible winners in my opinion.

Christie Wants To Kick Trump Out

This is where the Republican Debate summary devolves into a high-school debate club. We have mentioned eliminations as if this was a reality TV show. And the reason behind this is that the GOP has made this look like Big Brother. Christie has managed to eliminate himself with his strange attitude. He had some extremely strong points. However, his obsession with mocking Trump seems to have backfired.

Because he gave a new nickname to Donald Trump, calling him Donald Duck. It’s like, funny? But still, he is a member of his party, and it makes one wonder how he’d treat his enemies. Christie also points out that education can not be affected while “someone sleeps with a member of the administration”. In conclusion, I believe Christie would be a great campaign person for someone. But not a candidate. Thus he eliminated himself.

Biden Won The Most On This Debate

Once more, we would like to highlight our political independence. However, these key eliminations give us a clear sight of the betting we are interested in. And right now, I feel like the GOP has managed to worsen their situation by constantly undermining not each other as opponents, but the party as a whole. Therefore, I can see two outcomes this year. It is either Trump, who doesn’t seem on the brightest of chances.

DeSantis, but he has to start making stronger points. And Joe Biden or Kennedy, who is in the opposition, bagged their recent votes with this debate. I recommend you to bet on him winning the state. Check the Joe Biden betting odds. Furthermore, register at Bovada Sportsbook to wager on the next US President.

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