5 Retro Casino Games That Are Still Played

  • Here are 5 casino games played ages ago
  • Try out Casino Kid and some old slot games
retro casino games

Online casinos are filled with innovative games with top visuals and various modes. In this diversity of latest technology apps, do you want to play some good retro casino games? Check out five gambling games that have been played before the 21st century.

A retro game is quite a wide-ranging concept. Some people may think about old-school computer games, while others think about fruit machines standing at every corner. Nevertheless, not all old gambling games have survived until this day. If you want to catch retro vibes and win money from them, check out 5 old gambling games that are still played on some platforms.

Casino Kid – a classic retro franchise

One of the most popular casino-based games, Casino Kid is a true legend. The first game of the franchise was developed in 1989 and quickly became popular across the world. In Crazy Kid, players play as a teenager who competes with top hustlers for the top player title in the city of Lost Wages. During the journey, your character will get tips from waitresses and learn how to play.

Nowadays, you can play Crazy Kid as a computer game. However, not every PC or laptop will install this old game. Another option is playing Crazy Kid-themed slots at online gambling sites in Brazil.

Try out High Stakes Gambling

High Stakes Gambling is one of the most popular retro casino games from the 1990s. This is a video game with the plot taking place during the Great Depression. You play for a gambler who tries to outplay rich mafia in various casino games. In particular, you can play blackjack, poker, slots, and baccarat in High Stakes Gambling.

If you want to play High Stakes Gambling in 2021, be prepared for the outdated grainy graphics, black-and-white colors, and pretty slow speed. Despite all this, the game is an excellent guide to the computer gambling of the 1990s.

retro casino games
Let’s spin!

Golden Nugget 64 – difficult to find in 2021!

Golden Nugget 64 is a gambling-like game released in 1998. As a player, you go to a casino and try to win money in several games: poker, blackjack, and slots. That’s the whole point of the computer game. It may seem weird, but Golden Nugget 64 is actually a great opportunity to learn how to play these casino games. Therefore, we recommend playing this good-looking game to practice before spending real money at online casinos in Brazil.

Vegas Stakes is among retro casino games to play

A game from 1993, Vegas Stakes is another excellent opportunity to learn gambling tips. Although the game is quite old, it is still good at teaching you how to play poker, slots, craps, roulette, and other popular games. As a player, you will visit different casinos, meet different opponents, and sharpen your skills. To reach the next casino, you need to win a certain amount of money. Sounds simple and exciting, doesn’t it?

Fruit machines are available at many casino sites 

The only kind of retro casino games you can play for real cash is slot machines. Some gambling sites, including Betway Casino, offer old-school slots that look like real slot machines from the 1980s.

At Betway Casino, you can play such retro slot games as Jackpot Express, Mega Money, Big 5, City Of Gold, and more than 20 other machines. All have simple grids, 2D graphics, and unforgettable vibes of the past. 

You can discover more about Betway Casino here.

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