Robot Croupiers To Invade Hong Kong, Macau and US Casinos


Posted: March 4, 2016

Updated: May 25, 2017

There is a new addition in the casino world. Recently, casinos in Macau and Hong Kong have test run the first Robot Croupiers in several of their casinos in order to evaluate customer reactions and performance accuracy.

With only the ability to deal cards, the Robot croupier is indeed noticeably female, smiles and has the name Min. Developed by Hong Kong based gaming manufacturing company, Paradise Entertainment, Min will apparently develop facial recognition, minimal rational AI abilities and speak several languages. But all in due course.

It is the dealing accuracy that counts, and it isn’t that different to online gambling, if you really think about it

There is definitely speculation and different opinions all over gambling news sites. What is known though is the connection between online gambling and the technology behind the robots themselves. They are literally one and in the same, with variable differences in presentation.

The “live dealer” Blackjack tables online simulate exactly the experience of a casino environment. Card dealing online is configurated in the same way as a Robot Croupier. For many players of blackjack, or those who go into poker rooms, their experience in playing would literally be the same as in going into a real casino. Upside on both is that you don’t have to tip.

Humans are inaccurate, make mistakes and cost a hell of a lot of money

Human labor is expensive. Robot croupiers will definitely save money for plenty of casinos in Hong Kong and Macau. Surprisingly, Paradise Entertainment does not intend on selling their Robot Croupiers to casinos only in Hong Kong or Macau but mainly to casinos in the US.

According to PE gambling and other gambling news sites, the US has a higher number of participants per capita as well as a larger amount of card dealer casinos. Some gambling laws in the US also ban gambling games by human dealers and only allow electrical means for dealing. Min, the Robot Croupier will fit the criteria for a huge US gambling market.

Faster Dealings, Better Accuracy, Higher Trust

Our new addition, Min, the Robot Croupier could just be the beginning to another level in our online gambling habits. Should the personal interaction with her demonstrate a higher trust in technology it could essentially boost gambling stats in online gambling internationally. Live dealer games for example could essentially become obsolete.

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