Rockhampton Mayoral By-Election Odds on Top Three Candidates

  • Ms. Kirkland is very ambitious for the mayoral role
  • Mr. Hooper was the runner-up last March
  • Mr. Williams has a very good reputation
Rockhampton mayoral by-election odds
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A record of 17 candidates are vying for Rockhampton city’s top job, with the winner to be named in late January. However, as Rockhampton mayoral by-election odds show, only three have a strong chance of winning. They are Donna Kirkland, Chris Hooper, and Tony Williams.

Residents of Rockhampton will be heading to the polls on 23 January to elect a new mayor, according to online sportsbook news in Australia. There will be a list of 17 candidates on the ballot, from councilors to teachers and everything in-between. However, as Rockhampton mayoral by-election odds indicate, councilors Kirkland and Williams, and the climate activist Hooper are the favorites.

The mayoral by-election is taking place after the shock resignation of the former Mayor Margaret Strehlow on November 9. Ms. Strehlow stepped down after the Councilor Conduct Tribunal found her guilty of misconduct over a trip to an Indian Adani solar farm in 2017.

Mr. Neil Fisher took over as the acting mayor for an interim period. Thus, many bookmakers consider him among the frontrunners to win the by-election. However, Mr. Fisher is not running for the mayoral position, citing family reasons. Therefore, it is much better not to bet on Mr. Fisher, and choose one of the confirmed contenders with a strong chance of winning.

Ms. Kirkland is very ambitious for the role

The Division 7 councilor Donna Kirkland holds the Water and Supporting a Better Environment portfolio. Ms. Kirkland has lived in Rockhampton for over 20 years now and brought up her children in the region. Other than her experience in the public office, Kirkland has a strong experience in running businesses. She is well-skilled in fiscal management.

Rockhampton mayoral by-election odds
Beautiful Rockhampton – Who will lead it?

Very recently Ms. Kirkland stated “It was always my goal, my long-term goal to run for mayor at some point down the track and this has just sort of brought it forward”, as per Queensland Country Life. Will she achieve her ambition? 22BET Sportsbook suggests it is 7.5 odds likely yes.

Mr. Hooper has been the runner-up last March

Often barefoot and perched on a pushbike, Chris ‘Pineapple’ Hooper is hard to miss on the streets of Rockhampton. Mr. Hooper is a well-known climate activist. He was the only rival to Ms. Strehlow in March 2020. 31.5 percent of voters picked him.

After Ms. Strehlow suddenly resigned Mr. Hooper was on the verge of taking the reins. However, the recent changes to the state’s Local Government Act stopped his appointment. Mr. Hooper did not give up, announcing his recontest.

His top priority if he becomes a mayor is addressing climate change. Besides, he aims to give more representation to the unemployed and indigenous people. As online sportsbooks in Australia show, Mr.s Hooper’s Rockhampton mayoral by-election odds are 3. He is the second favorite breathing down Tony Williams’ neck.

Councilor William has a strong reputation

Another candidate from the Regional Council Tony Williams has put his name forward. The bookies consider him the favorite at 2.5. Mr. Williams is currently the spokesperson for the Council’s Infrastructure and Tourism portfolios. He previously chared the Local Disaster Management Committee for eight years.

Mr. Williams has a long reputation in the public office. He was elected to the Rockhampton Regional Council five times. With a very popular name and long experience, Williams rightfully is among the frontrunners, but Mr. Hooper has a strong chance to come off victorious.

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