Ronnie Sets Out to Defend Winner of 2018 Masters Title

Ronnie Sets Out to Defend Winner of 2018 Masters Title

The annual Masters is professional snooker competition, not to be confused with the Masters Golf Tournament! Winner of 2018 Masters will get the honour of being the best snooker player in the world for one whole year. Ronnie O’Sullivan, 7-time Masters Winner, certainly won’t make it easy for those 15 competitors who want to challenge his current title.

Organized by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, 2018 Masters will be held at Alexandra Palace in London according to the latest UK gambling news. Four rounds of snooker games are to be expected from the 14th to 21st of January 2018. In the final round that will determine the winner of 2018 Masters, the last two snooker masters will play the best of 19 frames.

Best Snook Lord in the 21st Century

Ronnie O’Sullivan dominates modern day’s snooker scene. Look no further than the fact that he has won the most World Championship titles, a total of 5 times, in the 21st Century. Nobody has managed to beat his record. Perhaps, the best determinant of Ronnie’s talent is the fact that he often cues with his left hand even though he is right-handed. It gives him an advantage over others, allowing him to take a wide range of shots.

In the past 10 years alone, Ronnie has earned 5 Masters Titles. Not to mention that one of the year didn’t count even count. He didn’t even participate in 2013. So next year, with Ronnie in the competition, online sportsbook sites in UK estimate the odds for him to be the winner of 2018 Masters at 9/4.

Who are Notable Challengers to Ronnie?

Snooker masters such as Mark Selby (4/1) and Barry Hawkins (20/1) certainly has a shot at the winner of 2018 Masters Title, according to online gambling sites in UK. We think that Ronnie should beware of Barry, who was runner-up from him in 2017 Masters.

Winner of 2018 Masters

Mark’s coming to get you, Ronnie! (source: Givemesports)

Mark’s coming to get you, Ronnie!
Similarly, he should look out for Mark. Don’t forget that Mark is first place in the world’s ranking of snooker players. In fact, his sum of around 1,400,000 doubles that of 2nd Place Ronnie’s around 700,000.

Bet on Ronnie as Winner of 2018 Masters!

As you might expect, Ronnie (9/4) still has the highest winning odds. BetVictor Sportsbook is the place where you can bet on the winner of 2018 Masters. If you sign up now, BetVictor is ready to give you 50 GBP in free bets and 10 GBP in casino bonuses!

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