A Sage Northcutt vs Zak Ottow Prediction

There are many factors that a Sage Northcutt vs Zak Ottow prediction has to take into consideration. Experience, weight cuts, and, of course, pure luck could all decide this welterweight bout, which will take place at UFC Boise on July 14.

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Their encounter is drawing almost as much attention as the card’s main event, Dos Santos vs Ivanov. This is partly due to Sage “Super” Northcutt’s promotability; partly due to how close the fight promises to be. The official betting odds online sportsbook sites in the UK offer for contestants prove how well-matched the event is. Northcutt is a slight favorite at 7/10, not too far ahead of Zak “the Barbarian” Ottow’s 6/5. What could decide such a close fight?

Northcutt at welterweight division

Northcutt has not been defeated at lightweight but he lost both times he moved up to welterweight. His decision to test himself again in the welterweight division is risky. True, it might have been an inevitable step: being a considerably big lightweight fighter, the weight cuts must have been nightmarish for him. Also, he would have moved to welterweight sooner or later because of aging, anyway.

“Super” has put on 25 pounds of muscle recently, which is an impressive feat in itself. Still, it is yet to be seen whether he has what it takes to establish himself as a welterweight fighter.

Experience: another factor to be considered in Northcutt vs Ottow predictions

If there is a marked difference in any area between the contestants, it is their experience. In that regard, the 31-year-old Ottow will have a significant advantage over the 22-year-old Northcutt. This was apparent in the interview James Lynch made with them, where Ottow sounded far more prepared.

Northcutt has told Lynch that “there’s not really like a game plan you make specifically” and that he just focuses on developing “every aspect of my game” (which is a cliché, to be honest).

By contrast, Ottow seems to have a good idea of his opponent’s tendencies. The Barbarian says Northcutt is not going to “allow” the fight “to be on the feet too long.” Ottow feels that such a scenario would benefit him: he thinks that if Northcutt “wants to start grappling with me, it’s gonna be a quick night.

Because of Northcutt’s inferior game plan and inexperience at fighting at welterweight, we are picking the Barbarian in our Northcutt vs Ottow prediction. If the 6/5 odds appeal to you, visit Bet365 Sportsbook and bet on Ottow to win UFC Boise.

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