Sam Kendricks is a Better Bet Than Armand Duplantis in Pole Vault, Doha

The end game for Armand Duplantis is to break the world record in pole vault. Before that happens, the prodigy has to face an intimidating competition in Doha: the World Championships 2019. He has to beat Sam Kendricks, the defending champion and Olympic silver medalist. When compared with the seasoned pole vaulter, a bet on Armand Duplantis is not very optimistic.

Sam Kendricks
Sam Kendricks is the better bet!

Pole Vault – Men – Head-to-Head Odds

# Athlete Odds
1. Armand Duplantis 2.20
2. Sam Kendricks 1.60
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The International Association of Athletics Federations will organize the pole vault championship in Doha around mid-2019, according to internet sportsbook news in the US. Winning the World Championships in pole vault would be Armand Duplantis’ huge step forward. It would mean that he is one step closer to setting a new world record.

Armand can easily breeze through most of the competition, especially when coming head-to-head with Piotr Lisek (2.55) or Pawel Wojciechowski (4.75). However, Sam Kendricks is where the real challenge lies. The odds even suggest that betting on Armand Duplantis is riskier than the US Olympian.

A Prodigy vs. Experienced Pole Vaulter

The best online betting sites in the United States estimate 1.60 winning odds for Sam Kendricks which is better than the 2.20 chance for Armand Duplantis. The betting odds are logical because Sam is much more experienced than Armand in the world platform. He has won both the 2017 World Championships and an Olympics silver medal in pole vault.

To add to Sam’s credibility, he is also the trendsetter in the pole vault circle. He created the Sam Kendricks Challenge which gained a lot of attention online. Even Armand participated in Sam’s challenge like a good follower in the veteran’s path.

On the other hand, Armand has been winning all the youth competitions. Yet, he still failed to beat Sam when the time came. At a pole vault event earlier in May 2018, Armand jumped 5.21 meters and placed after Sam. Being a prodigy can only take you so far.

Avoid Betting on Armand Duplantis

Our conclusion is to not bet on Armand Duplantis to win pole vault at the IAAF World Championships 2019: the Swedish prodigy is not likely to surpass Sam Kendricks next year. So go ahead and place your bets at Bwin Sportsbook!

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