Saskatchewan First Nations Prepares to Enter Canadian Online Gaming

Canadian Saskatchewan First Nations tribe is considering online gambling opportunities.

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Saskatchewan First Nations tribe is working closely together with GEObet Gambling network on developing online gambling software under Canadian gambling laws. The new gaming solution is expected to enlarge the reach of the tribe’s Gaming network operation in the Saskatchewan province of Canada.

The online gambling software company, GEObet, has already made several presentations on the matter including the one to the Special Indian Gaming Assembly in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Canada gambling news report that both parties are confident the agreements will meet and even exceed Saskatchewan First Nations’ expectations about online gambling opportunities.

The former Chief of the White Bear First Nation, Bernie Shepherd, commented: “We are exploring online opportunities in order to create revenue for our communities and provide business and employment opportunities for our members. We are doing this by exercising our Inherent and Constitutional rights.”

First Nations casinos in Saskatchewan see over 4 million guests on an annual basis, and the addition of online casinos in Canada to their operations will certainly boost that figure.

Gerry Gionet, CEO at GEObet, had the following to say: “First Nation casinos can’t afford to lose their many land-based casino customers to offshore online operators. So we’ve developed a turnkey i-gaming solution that will enable Saskatchewan First Nations to get up and running online as quickly and smoothly as possible.”

Bernie Shepherd, has also commented on the recent developments south of the border: ”The draft i-gaming bill (prepared by the Senate Committee for Indian Affairs) is a positive and unified step on behalf of our southern relatives who are on the path of self-governance and self-sustainability.”

He went on to add: “The success of the regional tribal casinos and their professional operations has led to this commonsense approach and is the right approach to extending First Nation gaming businesses into the online world with the same rights and freedoms that other industries enjoy.”

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