Selling Kidney to Play Mobile Bingo

Chinese teenager sells kidney to afford playing mobile bingo.

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Chinese gambling appetite isn’t satisfied by opportunities in Macau. After all, traveling thousands of miles from the north or east of this vast country is too much for most gamblers. At the same time, Chinese gambling laws only allow for lottery and sports betting in the mainland China, which are controlled by the state.

As an outcome, many Chinese gamblers are using the modern technology to gamble online. Quite often, in order to pass the strict Chinese government’s Internet censorship (which even made powerful Google back off), Chinese gamblers are utilizing modern mobile technology to place real money online bets.

In a recent story, one seriously deranged Chinese teenager, after smashing his iPad and iPhone after losing it all at Chinese poker rooms, decided to sell his kidney to buy newer versions of these Apple devices and load up his gambling accounts.

According to recent rumors, after promising his parents he won’t play poker, the teen instead decided to play online bingo in China. Once the kidney deal was made, the teen allegedly received $3,500 for his organ out of $35,000 paid to profit the middleman and the surgeon.

After the 17-year-old kidney was removed, the parents learned their child acquired the mobile devices, costing well over $1,000. The answer to puzzled parents was that their only son lost a kidney. Sources suggest that the law enforcement officials stepped in and charged multiple people, including hospital staff, with intentional bodily harm.

It is estimated that in China alone over 1.5 million people await the transplants, while only 10,000 ever get them each year. Money combined with many desperados leads to illegal organ donations. Much of match-making happens online.

But donating a kidney to play mobile bingo? This is too much, even for us.

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