Shadow Police Raid Illegal Gambling Parlors in Kochi India

Shadow police in Kochi India have raided and dismantled four organized crime operated gambling dens in a major crackdown on illegal casinos.

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In a major show of force against ruthless gangsters who’ve been holding the once peaceful city of Kochi in the grip of fear, the shadow police conducted a series of successful raids against known illegal gambling dens operating outside the Indian gambling laws.

“It was because of the concerned citizens who could no longer stand watching these dens of vice operate in their neighborhoods that these operations were possible. Gambling is the root of all other problems which plague this fine city and we welcome any information provided to us,” said the captain of Kochi anti-gambling police force.

Reporters were warned hours before the beginning of the raid and were eagerly following the elite shadow police teams during their special actions. Five arrests were made within the four locations which allegedly provided the residents of Kochi with the ability to bet on sports in India and play a variety of other illegal games of chance.

Labeled as the largest and the most powerful dens of inequity and evil within the city, the shadow police may have overstated the facts slightly when at the end of the day the ‘smoke cleared.’ One reporter quipped that “perhaps the police should next raid the ‘gangsters’ running charity online bingo in India.”

The five arrested individuals included a toothless gentleman in rags and one eye, an eighteen year old youth and three others of no greater social or financial status. A combined Rs 6000 was confiscated from all four locations which were nothing more than street corners and the cheapest of hotel rooms.

Those arrested were identified as Akbar the begger, 44, of Fort Kochi, Sasi,52, of Aroor, Joshi,50, of Kumbalangi, Mohanachandran,44, of Panangad and Hamsa,18, of Nettoor.

The citizens of Kochi can sleep peacefully today, knowing that these ‘kingpins’ of gambling are safely in police custody.

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