Online Lottery Tickets in New Zealand Anger Problem Gamblers

New Zealand Lotteries Commission plans to expanding online gambling offerings meet heavy criticism

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GamingZion has already reported on New Zealand Lotteries Commission’s plan to expand their gambling business by offering Instant Kiwi lottery tickets through online casinos in New Zealand. Read more in our (Hypocrisy in New Zealand as State Lottery Embraces Online Gambling) story.

The plans of the national lottery has met with furor from the Problem Gambling Foundation. The foundation claims that making lottery tickets available online will only increase overall occurrence of gambling related problems among customers. The Lotteries Commission CEO, Todd Mcleay defended the plans by telling New Zealand gambling news that lottery tickets, sold via online channels don’t contribute to problem gambling.

Recent findings in other countries reveal that lottery could be one of the main factors in increasing gambling addiction. It was discovered that gambling addiction rates are in fact lower in countries, which have strict laws, concerning selling lottery tickets online.

Mcleay continued his defense, stating that various businesses, including gambling industry, aren’t able to survive without the internet channel. He noted that as online businesses expand, more and more people will be able to see the offers and benefit by saving time and effort, purchasing products online.

Currently New Zealand gambling laws need to be updated in order to guard the population against problem gambling, which could be possibly caused by selling lottery tickets online. The government is yet to approve the plans to sell lottery tickets online.

The Lotteries Commission has outlined a two year plan, with the view to provide New Zealand lottery consumers with a number of new online venues. The plan focuses making lottery tickets much more accessible to the wider public.

It remains to be seen whether the New Zealand government accepts the plans of the Lotteries Commission and allows the sale of lottery tickets online.

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