Should You Bet on Atletico to Win Against Real Madrid?

Bet on Atletico to Win

Two super players (Griezmann vs Ronaldo) will meet on Saturday evening 18th November, hoping to amuse their audiences, after long disappointing performance by the both players this season, so far. A very strong game awaits us between the two giants in the Spanish La Liga. Should you bet on Atletico to win against Real Madrid, or the other way around?

Bet On Atletico

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Online sportsbooks in Spain show that both teams are lagging behind FC Barcelona with 8 clear points. They have been chasing each other for a while now and the both teams strive for new 3 points. The next match will probably be a good opportunity for one team to prove that a new rival is approaching Barcelona’s doorstep for La Liga title.

Get your thoughts on who will laugh at the end of the match and log in to Betfair Sportsbook to get the best La Liga odds and choose your winner. Who will come out victorious in the first La Liga round after the break for international friendly games, will it be Atletico or Real Madrid?

Maybe it’s time for Ronaldo’s Fate to Finally Change

Online Sportsbook news are all wondering what is happening with Real Madrid lately. It has two best strikers in the world including Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, yet the both players are lacking of confidence and are unable to get involved with the team.

Benzema scored only two goals in 28 shots and Ronaldo netted only once in 48 shots this season. However, the fans are still expecting the things to turn around and they often clap when Ronaldo shoots telling him that his fate will change soon. If you’re one of his fans maybe you should bet on Real Madrid to win the next match, as it’s odds are at 7/5.

Atletico has to Make Its Fans Happy Again

Bet On Atletico

Ronaldo (source:

The 26-year-old Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann has yielded only two goals so far in Spanish La Liga. There has been a lot written in online sportsbook news that the fans are not happy with his performance. Yet that does not have to mean that he is not good anymore, rather that can mean the team is attacking less.

Without a strong help from his fellows, Griezmann may probably suffer more, especially that Atletico needs to win games again. However, football is full of surprises and Griezmann may score well against Real Madrid. If you have faith in Griezmann, bet on Atletico to win in Betfair Sportsbook. The Atletico odds against Real Madrid are 21/10.

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