F1 Brazil GP Odds: Bet on Verstappen

F1 Brazil GP Odds: Bet on Verstappen

F1 fans are now counting hours till the beginning of Brazilian Grand Prix 2017 as well as betting sites in Brazil and all over the world are taking bets on the best drivers! Despite of rumours, I’ll bet on Verstappen, and you?

Brazilian Grand Prix 2017 Facts
1. First grand prix 1973
2. Number of laps 71
3. Circuit length 4,309 km
4. Race distance 305,909 km
5. Lap record 1:11.473 by Juan Pablo Montoya

Why should you bet On Verstappen?

Yes, exactly, why? There are many other favourites, like Lewis Hamilton, guy with the best race result in Brazilian GP 2016, or Nico Rosberg, the GP winner in 2015. Both of them are multiple winners of GPs around the world. So, what the heck Verstappen is amongst the bookies’ favourites?

Bet on Verstappen

Well… First of all, he got the DHL Fastest Lap Award in 2016. Here. In Brazil.

Sounds lame, true. Well, let’s then go through his biography and discover why you should bet on Verstappen.

Max Emilian Verstappen

Belgian-Dutch racing driver who competes under the Dutch flag in Formula One with Red Bull Racing. Aged 17(!) years he became the youngest driver to compete in Formula 1 at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix. He’s also the youngest driver to lead a lap during a Formula One Grand Prix, the youngest driver to set the fastest lap during a Formula One Grand Prix, the youngest driver to score points, the youngest driver to secure a podium and youngest Formula One Grand Prix winner in history.

The youngest, the youngest… Can you feel the level of his talent? I’m crying when I think about what I’ve achieved at his age. So, if there’s a bet on the fastest lap, I’d definitely bet on Verstappen!

Of course, I can’t fail to mention Hamilton. Drum roll, please…

Lewis Hamilton

A four-time Formula One World Champion, the best driver of his generation and widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers in the history of the sport, one of the most successful Formula One drivers of all time. Statistically, he’s the most successful British driver in the history of the sport.

Hamilton has more race victories than any other British driver in Formula One (62), and holds records for the all-time most career points (2,580), the most wins at different circuits (24), the all-time most pole positions (72) and the most grand slams in a season (3).

Sebastian Vettel

This German guy is racing on Scuderia Ferrari. He is a four-time Formula One World Champion (2010- 2013,Red Bull Racing). Unsurprisingly, that he’s respected and considered by fellow and former drivers as one of the greatest Formula One drivers in the history of the sport.

Actually, if you want to bet on the fastest lap, Sebastian is a good candidate with 13/2 odds, while Hamilton has 33/20 and Verstappen with 5/2. Amongst other betting odds you’ll find Daniel Ricciardo with his 4/1 or Valtteri Bottas (7/1).

Don’t miss a chance to check your intuition on Unibet Sportsbooks and add some money to your bank account. Who knows, maybe today your luck is working on you!

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