Should You Bet on Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah to Win Premier League Player of the Year 2018 Award?


Posted: February 9, 2018

Updated: May 22, 2018

Citizens are outstanding as a team this year, but does that mean that they have no outstanding individual performances?

As a result of Pep Guardiola’s incredible work at the helm of Manchester City, online sportsbook news sites in the UK have no more reason left to be excited about the question who will win Premier League 2018. Yet there are still some interesting topics that are still worth talking about.

One of these topics is definitely the questions who will be named as Premier League Player of the Year 2018. There are many serious contenders who would love to win the award and many of them would actually deserve it. This year, it’s quite a question. And the best thing we can do for predictions is to take a look at the Premier League Player of the Year odds!

Should you pick a Citizen to win Premier League Player of the Year 2018?

It does seem pretty obvious at first. Manchester City are by far the best Premier League team in 2018. They won 22 of their 26 league games and lost only one, and they lead by 13 points ahead of second placed Manchester United. They are dominating English football this year as a team, so they obviously have some outstanding performances on the individual level as well.

Online sportsbook sites in the UK think the same way as well. The Premier League Player of the Year 2018 winner should come from the Premier League champions 2018 team. That’s why Kevind De Bruyne is the biggest favourite to win the individual award. His odds are 2/5 at Marathonbet Sportsbook.

Of course, De Bruyne is not the sole reason why City are flying high. His mates are doing quite well too. For example, the odds for David Silva to win Premier League Player of the Year 2018 are 9/1, while Kun Agüero, Leroy Sane and Gabriel Jesus are also among the top favourites with respective odds of 28/1, 40/1 and 40/1.

Salah is another interesting candidate…

When it comes to Premier League Player of the Year 2018 predictions, the very first name that comes to mind at bettors at the best sites in the online sportsbook directory is not De Bruyne. In fact, it’s not even a Man City player in many cases. They recognize Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah’s set of outstanding performances.

Liverpool are in the third place in the Premier League, but let’s be fair: that’s not because of a great team effort. Mohamed Salah keeps on saving his team time after time after time after time. He counts 21 goals as of today, only Harry Kane is ahead of him among the top scorers, and he leads by only 1 goal as well.

Liveprool scored 59 goals in their 26 matches. Salah himself is responsible for 35% of Liverpool’s goals, and it’s only what he scored, excluding the chances and goals he created or even assisted. That’s why the odds for Salah to win Premier League Player of the Year 2018 award are so tempting: 4.00 at Marathonbet Sportsbook.

Can Kane win Premier League Player of the Year 2018?

As mentioned above, Harry Kane is the top scorer in the Premier League so far, netting on 22 occasions. Only 2 of those were from penalties! Kane is likely to finish on top of the top scorers for the third time in a row. Now that could be something that would finally put the crown on Kane’s individual performances.

The Spurs striker has been chasing the Premier League Player of the Year award for years now, yet he never managed to claim the prestigious recognition. This year, he is among the top favourites: the odds for Kane to be Player of the Year in Premier League are 5/1 at Marathonbet Sportsbook. Will Kane make history once again?

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