The Sinner Season 3 Betting Odds: Which Sin Will Be Focused On In the New Series?

  • The Sinner season 3 will be aired next year
  • You can bet on the new storyline and main characters
  • Jessica Biel can return after the first season
The Sinner season 3 betting odds
Image source: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

One of the favorite Netflix crime dramas, The Sinner is a highly popular series. Its new, third season is showing next year in the US.  After the previous seasons’ dramatic stories with shocking twists, we can expect similar excitement. But now with The Sinner season 3 betting odds, you can also win some money. We’ll show now what you can bet on. 

With an endless number of new series, it is difficult to find one, which really makes an impression on you. A series, which glues you to the screen, and you feel sad when it has ended. The Sinner is a series like that, with its disturbing plots and characters. After the news confirmed there will be a third season, bookmakers are already offering odds on its plot and the main character’s fates.  

The Sinner season 3 betting odds predict a serial killer to be the criminal

So far the series has been about people who became killers urged by sudden impulses after some terrible things happened to them in the past. Both the main character in the first series, Cora and the second season’s child character, Julian is driven by emotions. They are not real killers, they are more like victims. But now online sportsbooks in the US are predicting that the main criminal of the new season will be a serial killer. 2.00 odds are offered for this turn at 1xBet. 

How likely is it though? It would go against the previous stories, as it’s difficult to imagine someone who becomes a serial killer accidentally. Of course, serial killers are very popular themes in the film industry at the moment. There are films and series like the Mindhunter which are focusing on them. So it wouldn’t be a total surprise if a serial killer would appear in The Sinner probably with a twist at the end. 

Another suggestion is for the main guilty character to be a pedophile. Again, it’s hard to sympathize with a pedophile whatever happened to him or her earlier. This plot wouldn’t really fit with the series’ nature. But if you think the new season can be a bit different, the odds are 2.91 for it at the 1xbet Sportsbook

Will Jessica Biel appear in the new season? 

The Sinner season 3 betting odds
Jessica Biel in ’13 – Image source: Georges Biard / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The Sinner season 3 betting odds are also giving you the chance to bet on the actual actors appearing in the new season. You can win 10 times your bet if Jessica Biel appears in season 3. She played the main character, a disturbed woman in season one, who stabbed a stranger to death on a peaceful beach. We found out her reasons and the background story, and it was all closed up. So many think it would be difficult to bring her back. But as an old case of detective Harry Ambrose, she can have at least a small part in one of the episodes. 

Also, Jessica is the executive producer of the show. She said she moved to production so she could develop projects with challenging and interesting roles. Well, she definitely had one in the first season, her convincing play was one of the reasons for the series’ success. But the second season without her was as popular as the first one, which questions her re-appearance in the new season. 

Will Harry be suspended? 

Online gambling sites in the US are also mentioning the possibility of the lead detective, Harry Ambrose’s suspension from the investigation. After the previous seasons, and learning more about Harry, played by brilliant Bill Pullman, it can easily happen. Harry has some issues himself as well, often goes over the line, and doesn’t behave properly. He also gets close to the suspects and can commit things that he shouldn’t do as a cop. So this is probably the most likely event that can happen in season 3, the odds are 5.00 for it at 1xBet. Check out all the odds after reading our latest review about 1xBet sportsbook

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