Sioux City’s New Casino Records Impressive Earnings for First Month

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Despite opening their doors to the public just over a month ago, a new casino in Sioux City has managed to see rewards already rolling in.

The town’s new Hard Rock Casino collected revenues of $7.2 million in the first month of business. According to gambling news, the casino overcame the hurdles of August that normally prevent casinos from earning s considerable pot in that month. Hard Rock Casino was far more successful than its predecessor for the last month of the summer.

Argosy Sioux City casino ceased operations on July 30 following a long legal battle with a court to continue its business despite the negative results. The casino managed to post earnings between $3.9 million and $5.3 million in the last ten Augusts, which stands in stark contrast to the new Hard Rock Casino I terms of financial results.

Change from riverboat to land-based casinos

Brian Ohorilko, Iowa’s Racing and Gaming Commission administrator, highlighted that the transition from riverboat casinos to land-based gaming facilities has contributed to the change in fortunes. Other communities that have implement this gaming modification have seen their revenues also go up, as they boast some of the best gaming and US poker rooms.

He stated, “We’re definitely pleased with the figures that we’ve seen in the first month. We’re cautiously optimistic we’ll continue to see those numbers.” However, despite the great initial performance of the casino, officials believe that the number will slowly decrease as the freshness of the facility goes down a notch over time.

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