Skopje In Macedonia Attracts Greeks In Search of More Affordable Goods And Casino Services


Posted: April 23, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Numerous Greek citizens from the Northern part of the country are heading towards Skopje, which provides cheaper goods and services, as well as luxurious casinos.

The financial crisis forced hundreds of thousands Greeks to move to Skopje, as the capital offers cheaper goods, services, as well as excellent land based and online casinos in Macedonia.

This flow of people to Skopje naturally affects negatively this part of Greece, forcing some local businesses to shut down.

Casino heaven

The lower prices of goods and services, but mostly the fantastic luxurious casinos, which operate under Macedonian gambling laws, make things extremely complicated for Greece.

Skopje is even called by some the “small Las Vegas,” as it is located at the country’s border, and it attracted more than one million Greeks in 2013, who chose to spend their money there.

Usually, players seem to combine the visit to Skopje and not only try their luck in the casinos, but also buy cheap gas and visit some of the shopping centers in the city.

Another very popular practice is to go to various medical clinics and cosmetic studios in Skopje, as their services are also offered at extremely attractive prices.

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