Slot Machine Payback Percentages

Slot machine payback percentages aren't necessarily fixed. They may actually vary for state to state and from location to location. But the house edge, or the amount the casino makes off of each bet is already pre-programmed into each slots machine. So, though the house edge may vary between locations, it's always the same in the actual machine.

slot machine payback

Slot Machine Payback : Where’s The Truth?

If you’re driving past a casino and see a sign advertising saying that their slots “pay out at 99%”, please take it with a shovel of salt. What they’re really saying is that only a tiny amount of the slots will have a slot machine payback that generous. But that’s not the same as the house edge. Every video slots machine in the US has a random number generator running in order to provide accurate odds for both the player and the casino itself. Online gambling sites in the US follows the same method.

It’s All Pre-Programmed

Each machine is certified before it goes onto the casino floor. The math or algorithm running the games will of been tested for fairness and so while the odds vary for each player (that’s why it’s called gambling!), the house edge will always remain the same. Keep in mind that this is an average. Though it might not apply to your actual gameplay, over time, and with millions of hits, the average slot machine payback will be achieved.

The House Edge at Slots

All slots machines in the US need to undergo registering and testing. They must submit their programming and math charts to the state gaming commission, such as the Nevada Gaming Control Board. You should know that most states only require a minimum payback of an astounding 86%. If casinos stuck with this number then all players would stay away. The actual number used by many casinos is closer to 95%. Most video poker and slot machines pay out at 98%. One dollar slots payout the most, with 99% return to player.

Slot Machine Payback : It’s About Averages

Please remember that just because it says that 99% goes back to the player, that you’ll actually receive this amount of slot machine payback. As we said before and will have to point out at regular intervals, it’s an average. During the course of an evening at the roulette wheel, you might lose $500 or $5,000 dollars. The casino doesn’t care, as they make their money from the house edge over the course of a financial year.

RTP In Action

A lot depends on just how long you play. With gambling, there are ups and downs, streaks, and dry spells, but we’re discussing averages here. And the longer you play the closer you’ll get to the real RTP number. Now imagine you’re playing a slot machine at $3 per spin. In the course of an hour, you play 10 x spins. So your spend is $3 X 10 X 60 = $1,800 in action. Let’s say that the casino has a house edge of 99%. So your play actually ended up costing you $18 per hour. But again, this is the average. Some nights you might have to walk home, and others go by limousine. That’s why it’s called gambling!

slot machine payback
Low RTP = High prizes

Slot Machine Payback : Play Within Your Means

Making money in the casino is possible, but only on certain games and with a lot of skill plus some luck. Your main consideration should be to make your bankroll go as far as possible, whist at the same time, having some fun. So, while the higher denomination slots have a high slot machine payback, they’re going to eat up your bank roll pretty fast. So, stay away from games that’ll be too higher in bets than you can really afford.

Slot Machine Payback: Bonuses

Another point is that if you want a chance of winning the big jackpots or those massive progressive jackpots, then you’ll need to be playing with the minimum stipulated betting amounts. If you’re just popping in quarters and you hit the jackpot, you might have to face the disappointment of receiving extra credits and no cash. So read the minimum bets on the machine you’re about to play. Often to qualify for the bonus screen or Royal Flush payouts, you’ll need to of been hitting those minimum bets. Bigger bets equal bigger slot machine paybacks.

The Best Option

At the end of the day, you’re at the casino to have a flutter, but most of all to have some fun. It’s a distraction from the everyday humdrum life. You can bet a little and dream of better things. But to be practical, always read the small print before you start gambling. Pay tables and minimum bets are on signs on each machine along with it’s RTP. You’ll now exactly what’s the slot machine payback, so the’re be no surprises apart from winning. If you only visit the casino once in a while, then there’s no need to be delving into all the complicated %’s and odds of slot machine paybacks. Just play. And enjoy”

Anyhow, if you play on your computer or phone, you can find more about exact numbers at the online casino sites in the US.

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