Slovakia Declares War on Unlicensed Online Sportsbook Gambling

Slovakia plans to crack down on unlicensed online gambling operators, still accessing the countries gaming market

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Slovakian government may soon radically change Slovakian gambling laws and use extreme measures to stop unlicensed gaming operators. ISP blocking is one of the discussed measures, which will ultimately prevent operators from reaching gamers until Slovakians learn how to use proxy connection.

Slovakian lawmakers announced they will soon come up with a new set of regulations and submit it for the EU Commission to review. The new laws will focus on foreign online sportsbooks in Slovakia. Those operators not holding a license, but still offering their services to Slovakian gamers will be blocked.

The proposed changes to Slovakian laws will be reviewed not only by the EU Commission, but by other EU member states as well. The plan is to find out if the new regulations are perfectly in line with EU procedural rules on the matter of gaming.

Zuzana Brutenicova, press representative for the Finance Ministry, let media know that the ministry is following EU rules on notification processes in their adoption of regulations that are not part of “harmonized spheres.”

Brutenicova told Slovakia gambling news: “After the notification process is finished – it lasts at least three months – and evaluation of comments presented by EU-member countries, the Commission will decide on further moves concerning this legislative proposal.”

The draft of the new regulations was already available for review and comments back in early September, and received its share of criticism. Various ministries were concerned about the enforcement problems the laws could possibly create and that the punitive measures, stipulated in the draft were too harsh.

Further questions were raised by IT trade associations and activist bodies, who spoke about restrictions of the internet freedom, which the new laws would create. It remains to be seen what the EU Commission and EU member states have to say about the news Slovakian gambling laws.

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