Slovenia Set to Launch New Gambling Legislation

Slovenia Prepared New Gambling Regulation as the Country Looks to Regulate the Online Casino Market

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Land based and online casinos in Slovenia are set to have new hoops to jump through, as the government has taken the first steps in setting up a new supervisory body for the industry. The details of the New Gaming Act have yet to be revealed, but will include the organization of a new body that reports directly to the Finance Ministry.

Slovenian gambling laws are neither harsh nor particularly lax: indeed, the country attracts a fair amount of casino tourism from neighboring countries. Italy, in particular, has been targeted, with a large number of the countries casinos to be found in a small town on the Italian border.

The main premises of the new act are to guard against unlicensed operators, as well as setting out license durations for sports and casino betting websites. Currently, a number of countries within the EU are looking for ways to limit the impact of unlicensed foreign casinos operating within their borders, with varying degrees of success.

While the Netherlands have been able to fine and ban casino operators in the country, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and others, have come under pressure from the EU to relax their measures against foreign based operators. Perhaps this can be seen as another case of double standards within the Union.

Meanwhile, in Slovenia, mobile casinos could be a definite way forward after the new act is passed. Mobile penetration in the country is over 100%, and with no mobile casinos currently within the country, this is a definite area for growth. With up to 30 casino licenses being discussed, the potential is definitely there.

While many operators are looking to under-developed markets such as South East Asia and South America, a number of European operators are looking East as the EU attempts to align gambling legislation across the Union. Perhaps these operators will come to Slovenia sooner rather than later.

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