Slump In UK Arcade Sector Sets In

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Gambling Commission report shows continued slide in gross gambling yield from the UK Arcade sector

With updated gambling laws in the UK providing some of the best conditions for the industry in Europe there are some sections of the business falling by the wayside. The traditional arcade of gaming machines being one aspect of the gambling industry that is declining in profitability.

The £6.69bn generated between October 2012 and September 2013 in terms of gross gambling yield shows a marked increase of some £250m from the previous year. This reflects the widespread popularity of internet betting in the UK and the revised legislation.

Gambling Commission Report

A 49% share of that GGY is the non-remote betting sector, but whilst bookmakers and casinos have shown an increase over the period, along with lotteries and remote gambling, the arcade and bingo sectors have declined in GGY.

The Gambling Commissions recent report shows that Adult Gaming Centers housed just over 47,000 B3, B4, C and D class machines with Family Entertainment Centers being venue to another 28,500 class C and D machines.

From October 2012 and September 2013 Arcade GGY was some £351.96m, down from £379.01m, a fall of £27.05m. Currently, with 554 operators holding 179 Family Entertainment Centre licenses and 508 Adult Gaming Centre licenses the total number of locations number 1,485 for adults and 266 for families, the sector employs 10,000 people.

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