Is it Smart to Bet on Paolo Gentiloni in Times of Instability?

Is it Smart to Bet on Paolo Gentiloni in Times of Instability?

Italian politics are unstable. There have been more frequent changes in the Italian government than any other countries in the EU, apart from France. Knowing this, is a bet on Paolo Gentiloni as the next Italian Prime Minister risky?

All eligible Italian citizens will get a chance to vote in the general election. The appointment of Parliament members in Italy is significant, as it is a country with the third largest economy in the Eurozone. According to Italy gambling news, the 2018 general election in Italy lands on Sunday, March 4. Basically, there are a few candidates who would most likely become the next Italian Prime Minister. Not a single one of them is as good as a bet on Paolo Gentiloni!

Silvio Berlusconi and His Scandals

A bet on Paolo Gentiloni is better than Silvio Berlusconi’s crew in light of his scandals. The Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is tainted with sex scandals and a criminal conviction. Unfortunately for Forza Italia, Berlusconi is also the mastermind behind this centre right party.

It is an unforgettable fact that affects the centre right’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Antonio Tajani. According to online gambling sites in Italy, the odds for Antonio Tajani to be the next Italian Prime Minister are at 3.25. If not for all these scandals and negativity, the President of EU would have been a great leading figure.

Five Star Movement Refuses Coalition

The current leader of Five Star Movement, Luigi Di Maio, is another Prime Ministerial candidate. At 31 years old, Di Maio is young, ambitious and certainly the poll’s favourite to win. Online sportbooks in Italy predict 4.50 odds for Luigi Di Maio to become the next Italian Prime Minister. However, the populist refuses coalition which means you better bet on Paolo Gentiloni.

The Next Italian Prime Minister: Bet on Paolo Gentiloni!

Paolo Gentiloni (3.00) is the bookies’ favourtie to become the next Italian Prime Minister. He represents the centre left Democratic Party. However, Gentiloni’s party is not expecting to receive the majority votes.

Experts have predicted that coalition is unlikely to happen and the general election results would remain split. In this case, Gentiloni should continue being the Prime Minister. Most of Italy and neighbouring countries are satisfied his job. So place your bet on Paolo Gentiloni at Bwin Sportsbook now!

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