Social Poker Takes Over America

Social poker in America takes over despite impossibility of winning real cash.​

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While the American states seek to make online gambling legal under American gambling laws, no online gambling is allowed so far. Still, social media companies such as Zynga and Facebook are testing new forms of gambling, the so-called social gaming.

With the shut down of online poker sites in United States a year ago, many have thought that playing poker online is as dead as it can get.

Not so. A social site, Zynga, offers American members ways to play poker online with virtual chips. Many have strangely been attracted to the phenomenon despite the fact that players need to pay actual real cash to purchase virtual poker chips, yet these can not be redeemed for money. (Some sites offer ability to exchange these chips for virtual goods). Seems like a horrible deal, which it is, but people apparently need to play poker.

This represents some major opportunities for online casinos in United States, once the gambling laws change. Then, the sites like Facebook or Zynga will need to change their ways or lose the players. After all, why spend money on gambling if you can’t win a penny?

It is not clear yet what will happen to social gambling sites once they will be able to offer playing for real money. Will Facebook or Zynga need to get a separate casino licenses in each of the states? After all, American gambling activities are largely regulated by the local laws.

Any further activities related to gambling online or mobile casinos in United States will give a headache to gambling law attorneys and tons of paperwork will certainly be needed. That kills all the fun of a casino business. But, the greenbacks are waiting…

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