South Australia Gets Rid of Poker Machines

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South Australian authorities are trying to reduce the number of poker machines across the country.

More poker machines will be withdrawn from use in South Australia. According to a statement of Business Services and Consumers Minister Gail Gago, the Government remains committed to reducing the number of pokies after a round of entitlements trading at the end of July.

Wagering is very popular across the country, but strict Australian gambling laws are needed to control the market. Several years ago, South Australian authorities promised to get rid of about 3,000 gambling machines by the year 2017.

“Three-hundred-and-five gaming machine entitlements have changed hands since the new trading system began nearly two years ago,” Gail Gago told reporters.

Out with the old, in with the new

Under the trading period, sellers nominate a reserve price and potential buyers have to nominate the maximum price they’re willing to pay. After that, the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner has to match the sellers and buyers. For every gaming machine entitlement sold by South Australian hotels, one is cancelled.

“With each trading round we’re seeing more gaming machines being effectively traded out of the South Australian marketplace,” the minister said.

Over the past few years, locals have been spending less on poker machines, as online gambling sites in Australia have become more and more popular.

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