Spanish Gambling Operators to Develop Code of Good Practice

Approved plans could also affect terminals and gaming sites.

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Spanish stakeholders have developed plans for a joint strategy to deal with problem gambling, according to the Advisory Council on Responsible Gaming (CAJR).

Considering that Spanish gambling laws were liberalized just about a year ago to allow online gambling, plans for handling unwanted side effects are progressing quickly.

Indeed, Spanish internet casino do not contribute to problem behavior to the extent it could be expected based on international experience. The reason for that is not only the fact that legal online casinos are something new in Spain, but it is also explained by the ban on them offering slots gambling.

Most players are instead involved in games that require both skill and luck, with two-thirds of the money spent on online gambling being wagered at poker sites and online sportsbooks in Spain.

Nevertheless, authorities have felt that medium and long term plans are required to prevent any issues.

The CAJR, established in February this year and including representatives from the industry, academic institutions, NGOs and the authorities, has therefore devised a detailed strategy.

Some of the main points proposed include raising the public’s awareness about the relevant issues, minimizing gaming risks and assisting those whose gambling habits are unhealthy.

In addition to conducting preventive campaigns and improving treatment, there are also suggestions to employ latest technologies in assisting responsible gaming on video terminals, slots and gambling sites.

Operators would also be required to draft and adhere to a Code of Good Practice.

Although the process has been expeditious so far, it remains to be seen whether the accord demonstrated in the CAJR will persist throughout the implementation phase.

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