Sports Betting Regulations to Revise Online Daily Fantasy Sports in Italy


Posted: May 4, 2016

Updated: May 4, 2016

Online daily fantasy sports in Italy are finally being revised thanks to the latest sports betting regulations!

It will be made more obvious what sports betting regulations will apply for internet daily fantasy sports in Italy, thanks to the latest refreshments of Italian betting laws. Thanks to the new betting laws in Italy, it will be much easier to bet on virtual sports than ever before as the laws will clearly define what’s right and what’s wrong. Something that doesn’t happen everywhere as it’s a pretty fresh activity to play daily fantasy sports in Italy and many other countries.

Play daily fantasy sports in Italy!

Online daily fantasy sports in Italy are the newest hit in the online gambling industry. However, it nor clarified in many countries whether it is an act of sports betting or it’s just a game where your skills and knowledge helps you to win. It is still debated in many countries, but the latest Italian sports betting regulation is ready to solve this problem in the Mediterranean country.

What will be regulated in the new virtual betting laws in Italy?

If you are wondering if sports betting is legal in Italy or not, do not worry: of course it is still legal! In fact, you can bet on virtual sports as well, thanks to the new legislation. However, you will not have unlimited options like you used to. According to the new gambling laws in Italy, a maximum of 3,000 events will run each day and there will be 4 types of bets: single, plural, multiple and system bets. When making multiple bets, the daily fantasy sports providers will be able to offer their bonuses.

Gambling revenues are great in Italy

Entering the online gambling industry seems to be a very well rewarding business plan recently. The revenues from the online gambling market went up by 21% in the first quarter of 2016 and more increases are to come according to experts’ predictions. Online casinos in Italy made the most money, but online sports betting providers also made good money. Maybe daily fantasy sports providers are hoping to add their parts to these numbers and also take their shares… The new sports betting regulations will definitely make it possible!

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