Sports Betting Strategy for Beginners

  • Learn the basics...
  • Always stay sober...
  • Learn the best tricks and tricks to win!
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GamingZion looks at some of the most commonly accepted rules in making a sports betting strategy that can lead to amazing success

Many people nowadays are betting on sports just for fun or for increasing the excitement or thinking that the bet they put on their favorite team will contribute for the win in the end. But have you ever asked yourself how to make profit from sports betting? As gambling news report, there are thousands of people around the globe who are in fact making a living out of sports betting.

  • A sports betting strategy is a must for successful betting.
  • Always respect the rule for not betting above the planned percent of the bankroll.
  • Research is the most important aspect in sports betting.

In this article GamingZion give you some rules for sports betting that should be understood as a minimum criteria that needs to be satisfied in order to have a successful bet. None of them reveals some mysterious secret and more needs to be done in order to increase the chances for a win. However, following them can at least assure that the basis for a successful bet have been satisfied. Not following these rules makes you a “square”: a type of bettor that the sportsbooks usually make profit from.

The basics

Rule number one in our betting strategy is: leave aside a certain amount intended for betting! Bettors call this amount a bankroll and it is an amount that they can afford to lose. No one wants to bet with money whose loosing will be a considerable loss for him. So having a yearly or monthly bankroll is always a good beginning in the betting strategy. It is usual for bettors to make individual bets which are 1 % – 5 % of the bankroll.

football betting, sports betting strategy, winning bettor tactics, how to win money in sports betting, how to be better at sports betting, make better sports bets, winning sports betting strategies
Betting is more fun while drinking! or not?

Thus for instance if one has a bankroll for the Premier League season of GBP 1000, then one should make a bet of GBP 10 – GBP 50 per match during the season. Trying to cover a lost with a bigger bet is a common mistake that many bettors do and which should be avoided. No increasing of the bet above the 1%-5% prescribed bet rate should be made. Otherwise one can lose all the money of the bankroll. Just operate with your bankroll and see how during the season the amount is growing little by little.

Remember to stay sober…

Many would say that betting sober is something that is a common sense to do. However surveys among bettors show that an incredible number of people are betting usually after two or three beers, drank with the friends in the local bar. Sportsbooks as well as casinos know this. So, as online gambling news in the US stress, it is not a peculiarity that all Las Vegas casinos, for instance, offer free drinks for the costumers. The point of all this: bet sober!

To bet sober means that you will think with your “own head” not affected by anything that will make you regret your choice. But alcohol is not the only thing that can influence your decision. Every single one of us has a favorite team. We are emotionally attached with them and it is difficult to put aside the emotions when betting. Because of this, many bettors don’t even bet on the matches of their favorite team. And I would say that this is a correct thing to do. If one cannot put aside the emotions and see objectively the chances of the team then it is better to choose another match for betting. You should also avoid betting when in an angry or upset situation. In general, you should close out everything that bugs your mind when making a sports bet.

Crucial rules in a sports betting strategy

The third step is probably the most important in every sports betting strategy: Do a research! The only procedure that can lead to successful results on the long run is the carefully done research. You need to check the favorite sport or the favorite league you are placing your bets on. No matter how passionate follower you are of the Premier League, NBA, cricket in Australia or badminton in Denmark.

Doing research is a must for every serious bettor. For each pick you make try to analyze first the statistics. See the past games of the teams and the trends, and construct betting systems. What you need to do in this step is to justify in front of yourself the decision. Why did you place the wager on the team you chose and not the opponent instead? Too rational thing to do? Maybe, but in most of the cases it works.

football betting, sports betting strategy, winning bettor tactics, how to win money in sports betting, how to be better at sports betting, make better sports bets, winning sports betting strategies
Betting on your favorite sports and leagues may not be as effective as you think.  (Photo: Australian Gambling Research Center)

Rule number four: find the best odds for you! Following the odds from several sportsbooks in your area is always a clever thing to do. For example, you like to place your wager on the New England Patriots on a 7 point spread. In this case, it is wise to check whether there is a sportsbook that offers the team at 6.5 points. If not, you can just find the best price for 7 points. Earning from the differences of the sportsbooks odds brings incredible earnings to the bettors on an annual level. Seeing the coefficients of different sportsbook is easy nowadays. Just sign in on any of the sites of the online sportsbooks in the EU, and half of the job is done.

Our last rule says: don’t count on the favorites and underdogs strategy too often. It can be useful in some cases. However, it has shown many times that it is not a general rule that the favorites win. Sportsbooks make a great piece of their profit precisely from this kind of thinking strategy. Considering the favorite is an important thing to do before betting. Nevertheless, it needs to be supported with additional data in order to be justified.

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