Sports Betting To Get and Give Answers On Webinar Re: Innovation In the Industry

Tailorbet Webinar

Tailorbet’s CEO, Liam Casey, takes the center stage on Webinar, March 25, to discuss the future of online sports betting in terms of innovation.

The online betting industry is no doubt making revolutionary headway, what with a rise in market numbers being regulated under EU gambling laws and other regulatory bodies. Also online betting operators are doing their best to go with the flow in the revolutionary sea of online gambling.

Innovations of course include betting on mobile devices, the varied choice that live betting now offers and the spectacular increase in services such as cashout and partial cashout. There is so much though that we don’t know yet. For example, where future innovations are expected to come from in the sports betting business.

Casey will shed some light on Differentiation vs. Innovation for betting firms

Needless to say, top online operators have already recognized the importance of product innovation as being essential to growth and to be able to keep customers loyal. Liam Casey, the Chief Executive of Tailorbet, may be able to give us some answers soon from his upcoming Webnair Talk, absolutely free.

Casey will appear live on Webinar on some gambling news sites, Wednesday, 25th March at 12pm GMT. He has been working side by side with some industry platform leaders for years and will shed some light on the ‘differentiation vs. innovation’ issue affecting online betting operators. He will answer questions having to do with the modernization of sports betting and the driving force behind the innovation of sports betting.

Casey will also offer insight into the industry’s own take on the subject matter. He will also give his opinions and take yours on operators who have innovation down to a pat as well as give us an inside view on potential ‘innovations battlegrounds for betting companies’.

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