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New to the world of sports gambling? Well never fear, we here at Gaming Zion are going to show you how it’s done right.

The world of sports betting is ubiquitous in that you can barely move for someone betting on some sporting event somewhere. If once it were just the high street bookmaker or casino in Vegas that allowed this thrilling pastime, today the internet has brought the opportunity to millions who previously had little access to the wonderful world of wagering.

However for the novice online sportsbooks and high street bookies all have a similar feel of eldritch information and unholy seeming ritual. Well we’re here to dispel that fog of numbers and names that confuse the new to sports gambling, so lets have a look at sports gambling and see if we can’t give you a rough guide to how to get started and not get into trouble.

What Are The Odds Of That Happening?

With American gambling laws and everywhere else constantly changing it’s nice to know that most of the manners in which you can place a bet on a sporting even have remained constant for a great number of years. These betting types have become almost traditional and we run through all of them so you can best choose how to wager your money on the event of your choice.

Of course the odds are going to be salient in this process and we have a look at how they function and how important it is to understand the background to their creation. Being aware of the risk when you wager is a good thing, knowing why the risk is being valued at the odds offered is better, and understanding this can stop you being intimidated by all the information on display.

What You Should And Shouldn’t Do When Betting On Sports

Now we all know there are pitfalls with any new hobby or pastime, and with gambling there are more than the average, so to help you stay safe and gamble responsibly we run through some of the common sense rules of thumb that you should keep in mind when you’re picking a winner and placing a wager no matter where you’re doing it.

Responsible gambling is often derided as a contradiction in terms or simple delusion but if you’re careful and think it all out properly there’s no reason gambling can’t be just as much of a thrill as taking part in sport itself, and indeed can be a lot cheaper even if you lose (have you SEEN how much golf clubs cost these days??).

Sports Bettings’ Biggest Draws From Around The World

There are events all over the world that draw in not just regular gamblers but those who only have an occasional flutter. These events are usually steeped in tradition and history that lends them an atmosphere apart from the everyday hum-drum sports gambling and indeed in many cases makes gambling upon them more socially acceptable.

Whether it’s the Grand National or the World Cup, the Kentucky Derby or the Superbowl, these unique events are special and we treat them accordingly. You might not bet on this weekend’s flat race at Newmarket, but you might well put a fiver on the annual Cheltenham Gold Cup, or have a wager on March Madness despite never betting on the NBA.

The Weird And Wacky World Of Sports Betting

From long odds to weird stakes, from bizarre bets to whimsical wagers the world of sports gambling is not immune from the extremes that have seen people win big or lose huge. From the Ugandan that bet his house on a London soccer team and lost, to the man that put money on Suarez to bite someone and won, sports betting has a bit of a history of strange gambles and bizarre bets.

Making $13.4 million from a $100 stake seems like outrageous fortune smiling ridiculously upon someone but given the odds against it and the insane wager it took to get that return you just know that some things will only happen once, however often anyone else tries to replicate them. There’s a lot of strange stories in the gambling news, these are just some of them.

The Development Of Sport And Sports Betting

Sports have been with us, in competitive terms, for as long as there has been an us to have them. The classical world organized them properly giving us both the athletics forerunner of the Olympics in ancient Greece and the gladiatorial battles of the Roman circus so popular with TV script writers these days. From these origins of official sporting events and entire culture has developed over the centuries.

From the chariot races of Rome to the horse races of James I, from the archery contests of the middle ages to the dog races of the East End, there hasn’t been a sport yet we’ve not wagered on, and when we’ve not had a sport to bet on, we’ve invented one to do so, in the case of England; Shin Kicking.
A sport the Belgian football team still practice each and every time they walk out onto the pitch.

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