Sports Played Standing Still


Posted: March 20, 2023

Updated: March 20, 2023

  • You win if you keep still!
  • Sports played standing still require intense focus!

When we talk about sports, agility, strength, and sweat come to mind. However, not all are exhausting physical activities. Scroll down for the best sports played standing still! 

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Darts is All About Stability!

Throwing small arrows is a pretty simple activity. After all, our ancestors threw spears and used bows and arrows. However, darts as a game started its world-conquering journey only 150 years ago. It appeared due to a man who was fed up with practicing archery in the cold during the winter, so he created the indoor version, which we know as darts. Since darts is about focusing and aiming at a certain point, a stable stance is crucial. Once the players get in position, they only move their arms back and forth. Basically, except for their throwing arm, they stand like statues.

Since darts is a pub sport, the inventors considered alcohol a factor. That is why Brian Gamlin divided the sections on the darts board to be the most difficult to hit the highest numbers. After a few drinks, standing still is not an easy feat at all, no matter how easy the game may seem. Darts is all about having fun, and you will understand that if you watch competitions on TV or at online sportsbook sites in the UK! The audience is usually having the time of their lives while the players wear every color on the spectrum. 

Sports Played Standing Still: Cue Sports!

Cue sports also started as pub entertainment activities. However, now we distinguish three main categories and several subcategories, but the main thing they have in common is that players stand still while playing. We have written evidence of existing cue sports from the 15th century. The first version of billiard was an outdoor activity, a mix between golf and cricket.

They moved the game inside for the same reason: the cold weather. The new game style required a table, which has changed a lot over the centuries, but it also helps the players keep still.

The two most famous games are Snooker and Pool, but you may choose from at least 20 cue games, like speed pool. They have to make sure they are balanced and stable to perform the perfect shot, which is quite challenging, especially for tall players. However, focus and mental measurements are the heart of cue sports. The media coverage is excellent, so you can easily find online streams and TV broadcasts. There are several championships throughout the year, which you can check out at Bet365 Sportsbook!

Archery is Similar to Darts!

We have already mentioned that archery, the activity of shooting arrows with a bow, is the ancestor of darts, which are both sports played standing still. Throughout history, hunting and warfare were the two most important tasks. The earliest signs of archery remain from about 50,000 years ago, and today, it is still present in the form of a sport.

In ancient times, archery was practiced on all continents except Australia, which indicates its importance. Just like its Olympic appearance. Its Olympic debut was in Paris in 1900 for the first time, but after 1920 they removed it from the program for a long time. Luckily, you can enjoy a good archery event in the 2024 Olympics!

In every activity where you have to aim, stability is a priority. The same goes for archery if the athletes want to hit the target. The fundamental element of archery is accuracy, and this applies to correct posture and breathing. In short, athletes have to pay attention to everything for an accurate shot. The archer is positioned perpendicular to the target, standing with their feet shoulder-width apart so that both legs hold equal body weight. It’s quite a complex sport but easily accessible, and as you know, practice makes perfect!

Golf is One of the Sports Played Standing Still!

It’s not enough to have a stable posture while playing golf. You need to have the correct grip and technique. Usually, most sports played standing still require intense focus. The same goes for golf. It’s not enough to have great stamina, mental presence is necessary. Some people say that after pole-jumping, golf is the second most challenging sport in terms of concentration. 

A golf course usually consists of 18 sections during a competition. Rule number one is that whoever completes this challenge using the fewest hits wins, and the ball must always be hit from where it landed. It seems simple, but achieving good results is all the more difficult. Many think that just because golfers use golf cars in movies, they do the same thing in real life, but that’s not true. They often walk kilometers on the golf course, so being in good shape is crucial. 

Few are fit to become professional players, but when we see them play on TV, we immediately compare ourselves to them. However, no hobby golfer should expect to perform like them, though copying their stance might be a good idea! Each course is designed so that the best professionals finish after 70-72 hits. It’s good to know, in case you want to place a bet at Bet365 Sportsbook! This is another sport that has great media coverage, so you will have no problem finding live competitions, even online.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

We could have chosen any shooting sport because the same goes for all. A stable stance and quick reflexes are the winning combinations in this sport. This sport dates back to ancient times, but modern clay pigeon shooting as we know it today appeared in the late 19th century. The shooting had a great tradition in most countries, especially among the aristocrats. The point was to melt into the background and wait without moving a muscle.

Besides the apparent differences and changes, the thing that has never changed is that clay pigeon shooting in among the sports played standing still. Shooting a moving object is a complicated task. How else could you hit a target flying fast other than staying in a stable position while aiming and pulling the trigger? Back in the day, they used glass balls, wood, and tin discs as alternatives to birds.

Since glass balls exploded when hit, it was the most spectator-friendly solution. Then they introduced clay targets in the 1880s and organized the first clay pigeon shooting competition in the US and UK soon after. We distinguish two forms: trap and skeed shooting. They made their debut in the Olympic Games in 1900, and various shooting events have been part of the program ever since. Click on the link to find out what we know about the upcoming 2024 event and how to prepare for the Olympic Games!

An Unusual Sport Played Standing Still!

When we eat, we usually sit down. Not a participant in an eating contest, though. They organize several eating contests, but there are some famous events and though eating competitions, like Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Each of these competitions has a different set of rules, but some are the same like they are standing while eating, and if they throw up during or immediately after the event, they disqualify them. Standing up is a requirement because the contestants’ stomach is not compressed that way, and they can make use of their maximum capacity. You can find a list of eating contests atonline sportsbook sites in the UK!


Besides a paddle and a SUP board, you only need water to practice stand up paddle. You can paddle, work out, fish, and even do yoga on a SUP board. Even though you can kneel or sit on it, most people prefer standing, which puts it in the category of sports played standing still. Water and a floating board need balance unless you want to take a dip. A sudden move is enough to lose balance and end up in the water so stand still! Check out our article about sports played sitting down too!

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