Best of Floorball: SSL Herr 2020-21 Winner Odds


Posted: October 13, 2020

Updated: October 13, 2020

  • The 2020/21 top-tier floorball competition is on in Sweden
  • Who leads the SSL Herr winner predictions at Betsafe Sportsbook?

If you are looking for the most accurate SSL Herr 2020-21 winner odds, you better stop here. Betsafe Sportsbook predictions point at the most possible favorite of the Swedish main floorball competition. Bet on the winner before the end of October and earn some cash.

The 2020/2021 Swedish Super League is in its full flow. The top-tier floorball competition for men in the country has already started, so it’s the right time to make predictions about the winner. According to online sportsbooks in Sweden, there already are two favorites leading both standings and updated betting odds. Let’s see who they are. 

2020 Swedish Super League standings in floorball

The Swedish Super League 2020/21 includes 14 teams competing for the leadership in the main floorball tournament. Eight of them proceed to the quarterfinal, four are left without changes, while the others go to the second-tier Allsvenskan. By now, each team in the new season has played two matches, and here are the top-8 of them:

  • IBF Falun (RM) – 6 points
  • Storvreta IBK – 6 points
  • FC Helsingborg – 6 points
  • Pixbo Wallenstam – 5 points
  • FBC Kalmarsund – 5 points
  • Mullsjö AIS – 4 points
  • IBK Dalen – 3 points
  • Linköping IBK – 3 points

According to online gambling sites in Sweden and the standings, there are already favorites to be the SSL Herr 2020-21 winner. Let’s see who they are.

SSL Herr 2020-21 winner
Let’s ball!

Who leads the SSL Herr 2020-21 winner odds?

Considering the results of the standings, IBF Falun and Storvreta IBK have the best chances to win the floorball league this season.

Storvreta IBK leads the odds at Betsafe Sportsbook. With 2.00 odds to win the SSL, the team becomes the number one favorite to take the title from Falun. The latter is the reigning champion trying to defend its title this year. With 2.50 odds, IBF Falun also has good chances to win again. 

Last time, IBF Falun won the Swedish Super League for men with a record-high 84 points. The team left its closest rivals – Storvreta – in second place with 68 points. Interestingly, Storvreta IBK was also a defending champion in 2019/20, so it is an interesting situation – who will win this time?

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