How to Bet on Celebrity Fights: Best Tips in 2020


Posted: October 13, 2020

Updated: October 13, 2020

  • You can bet on celebrity fights at various sportsbooks in 2020
  • Why do bookmakers offer such odds and how to benefit from them?
  • Read our article to learn more about betting tips on superstars’ conflicts

Not without interest is celebrities’ personal life for their fans and punters. Online sportsbooks are filled with betting odds on A-stars to marry, divorce, or have a baby. However, one more category of famous people betting is too widespread – fights. To know how to bet on celebrity fights and why you should do it, read our article.

Predictions on famous people have always been among the most popular bets at sportsbook sites. Odds on celebrity weddings and divorces are countless but nothing can compare to fights. Wagering on well-known Hollywood and local superstars to beat each other’s faces is of special interest among punters for some reason. Let’s see how to bet on celebrity fights and why people enjoy following such violent predictions.

Why learn how to bet on celebrity fights?

Betting on celebrity fights occupies a special niche at online gambling sites in Turkey. The majority even has a separate category of the same name that collects all predictions available at the moment. It makes celebrity fights betting odds more popular than predictions about celebs’ marriage and further career achievements. Why do punters enjoy betting on big stars to go the knuckle?

how to bet on celebrity fights
Who’s going to beat her next?

There can be many reasons why bookmakers’ sites have so many bets on celebrity fights. Mainly, it is based on gender peculiarities. Despite 2020 is here, some gender stereotypes can be seen at sportsbooks. According to statistics, more than 80% of all punters and gamblers are men, while only 12% of women visit sportsbooks frequently. As males are usually stereotyped as more aggressive than females, they are more likely to bet on fights rather than weddings or baby names. Therefore, online sportsbooks in Turkey try to offer what is in bigger demand. However, betting on celebs to fight can attract female punters as well. As some ladies may not be interested in MMA fights but will be more likely to bet on favorite actors or singers to beat each other’s faces. 

How to bet on celebrity fights? 

If you want to know how to bet on celebrity fights, there is not much information to learn. Usually, bets on fights between famous people include simple yes/no answers or questions like “Who will win?” with two variants aka participants. To wager money, all you have to do is to choose your favorite in each pair. Scroll down to see what predictions on world-known stars to have a fight are available in 2020.

Bet on celebrity fights in 2020: Timati v Basta

The fight between Timati and Basta is among the most awaited ones. In addition, it is also the most likely to take place as these two Russians can’t really stand each other. 

It all started years ago when music fans started comparing Basta to Timati. As both are rappers and the CEO of the biggest rap music labels in Russia, fans don’t miss an opportunity to argue who is the best. Therefore, the tension between musicians was in the air even before the conflict arose.

In 2019, tension progressed on the popular TV show “Pesni” where Timati and Basta confirmed they had a conflict. Later, Basta went up against Timati in his conflict with another rapper, L’One. All this gave a boost to betting odds at 22Bet Sportsbook on Russian stars to have a fight.

how to bet on celebrity fights
He’s a celeb too!

Dzhigurda called Vladimir Solovyov out: what are the odds?

Another fight can take place in Russia until the end of the year. Popular actor and showman Nikita Dzhigurda dared journalist Vladimir Solovyov to a fight. There was a row of reasons that influenced this decision.

Firstly, Solovyov accused Dzhigurda of buying a DPR passport during his prime-time show. Secondly, the journalist had a long-lasting conflict with his colleague – Vasily Utkin – who is a good friend with Nikita. Finally, Dzhigurda accused Solovyov of being biased towards people who don’t possess such influence and power. Dzhigurda called him out in 2020 “to have a fight on a real octagon”. Will it take place? Bet on 22Bet Sportsbook.

Depp and Musk have a grudge against each other

The most unexpected pair of possible fighters includes two world-famous men. Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is predicted to have a fight with Elon Musk – American engineer and CEO of SpaceX. The reason for the Musk v Depp fight to take place is 34-years-old actress Amber Heard.

As you might have known, Depp married Heard in 2015. Two years later, the couple decided to divorce, but this process lingered on till 2020. At first, Amber accused Depp of domestic violence and called it an official reason for a breakup. However, later the actor proved that one of the reasons to divorce was Heard’s cheating on him with Elon Musk. The latter didn’t meddle into their affairs, but 22Bet Sportsbook predictions show that men can fight one day due to insults of the past. 

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