Statistics Show Paddy Power Might Have Messed Up with Pistorius Ads

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According to the latest statistics compiled by Social Monitor, the Oscar Pistorius campaign did not do Paddy Power any good.

The bookmaker has started a major scandal with its ad campaign, which ran in the British press and on its online sportsbook in Ireland. But instead of just attracting attention on the company, the bold move might have made its bad reputation even worse.

The Advertising Standards Authority has received 5,200 written complaints against the Paddy Power posters, which read “It’s Oscar time. Money back if he walks” and decided to immediately put an end to the controversial campaign.

The advert was mentioned 74,000 times online – mostly on Twitter – and only 4% of the people talking about it had something good to say.

Good or bad?

According to the statistics, 42% of all comments were negative, but industry specialists say the real financial impact can only be measured by the online and mobile betting company.

“It’s in the DNA of Paddy’s marketing strategy to be thought-provoking. Whether this had a negative impact on their business only Paddy can answer. What is clear though is that today’s consumers are increasingly vocal online, that’s not a trend that’s disappearing anytime soon and smart brands will use it to their advantage,” social media strategist Joakim Nilsson commented.

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