Store Owner Assists Absentminded $1m US Lottery Winner

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US Lottery Winner

It’s the sort of story that can melt the heart of even the best lotto jackpot reviews. Try as you might it’s difficult to be cynical about such obvious acts of kindness. A store owner recovers a discarded, yet winning, ticket, and returns it to the player who threw it away. You have to instantly admire the honesty at the very least. However beyond proving humans have a capacity for kindness, it also says something towards luck itself. Your luck doesn’t just depend on you. 

Lea Rose Fiega is lucky. Not only did she become a US lottery winner of $1m but also has good friends in her local store. In a rush one lunchtime, she bought a scratch card at the convenience store very near where she works. She then proceeded to only to half-heartedly rub at it and discard it. She did this by handing it back across the counter for disposal rather than litter the floor. Fortunately for her, the store owner actually checks such things prior to binning them.   

She had not fully scratched off that which required it, so the store owner completed the task. This revealed she had won. Knowing the lady the store owner rapidly knew who bought the ticket and quickly reunited the two. You may not consider $1m the best lottery jackpot but it ain’t chicken feed. The newest US lottery winner was naturally surprised by this turn of events. She had accidentally squandered her own good fortune, only to have it returned by someone else entirely. 

The Exception That Proves The Rule?

So, as this US lottery winner demonstrates your own luck isn’t always simply dependent upon you. As well as a conjunction of favorable circumstances for you, it may require a favorable intervention from others. After all, it’s the basis of many tales of daring escape and heroic deeds. Entire movies hinge on such things. Sure, it might not always have the same drama as the 7th Cavalry arriving in the nick of time, but it can prove vital. It’s just hard to factor in beforehand.

“I am beyond blessed.”

  • Lea Rose Fiega – US Lottery Winner

You might enjoy thinking that deep down everyone is a good person. That if they were placed in similar circumstances most would do as the store owner did. It’s a nice thought I suppose. However, the reason this is headline stuff is because of how rare it is. Typically, when money is at stake people are less than warm-hearted. So, this US lottery winner got very lucky twice over. You have to admit few people get help winning progressive jackpot lotteries of any variety.

US Lottery Winner
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Those among you of a less generous bent will think this is just the exception that proves the rule. That for all the few occasions on which people do the right thing there are hundreds where they do not. You’re possibly right, although it’s far less palatable to consider. So whilst this lady got lucky after she threw her own luck away, we shouldn’t hope to be so fortunate. Indeed the big lesson here is to make sure you’re not a US lottery winner before throwing away your ticket.  

“I mean, who does that? They’re great people.”

  • Lea Rose Fiega – US Lottery Winner

Relying on the kindness of others is a fool’s errand. Greed is a massive human motivator and however ugly and mean spirited it seems there are billions of adherents to its principles in the world today. So US lottery winner Mz Fiega got lucky and walks away richer and wiser from her experience, but it’s a singular one. We might jealously regard her multiple levels of good luck but should take heed. The best lottery to play is one where you know the guy selling the tickets.   

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We take a look at how one lucky US lottery winner had her ticket returned to her by the honesty of a store owner in Massachusetts. 

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