Stricter Slovak Gambling Regulations Instead of a Ban

Stricter Slovak Gambling Regulations

Seventeen councilors are against the idea of a blanket ban on gambling in Bratislava. They recommend stricter Slovak gambling regulations instead.

According to a group of councilors, a total ban on gambling in Bratislava would cause more harm than good. The ban’s opponents say that that such severe measures would encourage the growth of illegal gambling. Last week, the Bratislava City Council failed to pass a statute that would’ve banned gambling venues in Bratislava altogether. The vote itself was prompted by a petition – signed by over 136,000 citizens – against gambling in the capital. “[…] Contrary to what some activists and politicians have been saying, gambling won’t disappear simply by being banned,” puts a statement by the councilors. Instead of a total ban, they propose stricter measures for gambling. A total ban might be still coming if the new Slovak gambling regulations wouldn’t work.

(Source: The Slovak Spectator)

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