Stud Poker Online Strategies: Learn And Win!


Posted: April 7, 2020

Updated: April 7, 2020

  • Stud Poker is gaining more and more fans online.
  • It differs significantly from the Texas Hold’em.
  • In our article, you can learn about the Stud Poker online strategies.

What kind of poker is most popular right now online? Without a doubt, from most gamblers, you will hear about the Texas Hold’em. Indeed, it is very popular nowadays. Nevertheless, Stud Poker is stepping on its toes while gaining more and more fans online. This is one of the oldest types of poker. Today, Stud Poker tournaments are regularly held on online gambling platforms. Haven’t you heard about it yet? Well, that means that now you should familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and learn the Stud Poker online strategies.

Rules of the game: Stud Poker online strategies

Nowadays, you can play Stud in almost every online poker room. When bets are placed, the dealer deals one card in a circle, starting with the person who sits on his left hand. The first two cards are dealt face-down, while the third card is face-up (the door card). They call it the Third Street. Next, we move on to the rounds of trading. In general, the gameplay looks like this:

  • All participants in the game evaluate their open chances. Thus, the one who has the smallest card starts bidding.
  • If several people have the same rank cards at once, then the smallest of them are evaluated by suit.
  • Next, the poker player with the lowest hand must make a bet (Bring-in). It can be equal to the whole limit or its half.
  • If the poker player does not want to bet, one must exit the game (Fold). Other participants in the game can support the bet, raise it, or also exit the game. For each round of betting, you can raise the bet no more than three times.
  • When all bets have already been made, the dealer gives each of them one more open card (Fourth Street).
  • After trading, the cards are dealt face up again (Fifth Street). The third round of trading starts, in which the rate must be no less than the highest limit.
  • Cards are dealt face-up again (Sixth Street) and new bets are made.
  • Next, the last seventh card of the River is dealt with. The remaining players trade again.
  • The culmination of the game is Showdown. A poker player who does not want to light up his cards may not open them publicly. At the same time, any of the players may request the dealer to show the final hidden hand. The winner is the one with the strongest combination of five possible cards.

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Stud Poker vs. Texas Hold’em

Stud Poker is one of the most popular types of poker. Moreover, it is significantly different from Texas Hold’em. First of all, the number of participants in it should be no more than 8. Also, there are no community cards. Thus, each poker player receives only his hand. Besides, there are no blinds in the Stud. They are replaced by the mandatory ante bet. This means that before the distribution, each participant in the game must make a bet of the same size. Usually, depending on the limit, it can be 10% or higher.

Stud Poker online strategies
Learn Stud Poker now!

By the way, the total number of cards in Stud Poker may vary from 5 to 7. The most popular version is the 7-card. But in any case, your task is to collect a winning combination of 5 cards. Moreover, during the game, 4 of your cards are visible to your opponents. Do the rules seem difficult for you? In reality, not everything is as complicated as it might seem at first glance. A little theory, further practice, and you will succeed. You can apply the Stud Poker online strategies learned from our article on the Intertops Poker website. It can become a good platform for you to practice your Stud Poker skills.

Stud Poker online strategies

The main rule is that any type of online poker should be played aggressively. As a rule, participants in the game adjust to the overall course and style of the game. You need to follow the cards well and, if possible, study the actions of your opponents. Here are some strategies that can help you win.

Starting Hand Stud Poker Online Strategy

The starting hand plays an important role in the game of Stud Poker. As you know, the starting hand consists of three cards. Two cards are closed and the third is open. Of course, winning is always easier if you have a good combination of cards in your hands at the very beginning of the game. When getting new cards, the chances of improving an existing combination are falling.

Thus, remember the hidden cards of other participants. The most important thing is to get other players to discard. The most winning option for the starting hand is a set. Besides, a flush draw can bring you good chances for the victory. These combinations are followed by pairs and a straight draw. If a player finds himself in such a situation that he initially does not have good combinations, then it is better to discard it immediately.

Fourth Street

At this point, the strategy of the game may change. It turns out that players have to think about the future strategy with each new card received. In this part of the game, it’s too early to plan something specific. Besides, the bank has not yet been finalized. However, the situation in online poker is a bit different, since participants often play quite aggressively. Possible combinations of this stage of the game are draw combinations, sets, and two pairs. Remember that it’s too early to make high stakes at this stage of the game.

Stud Poker online strategies
It pays off to know your hands.

Fifth Street

Now each participant has five cards in their hands, so you can understand what are the chances of improving their combination. If at this stage there is already a full house or street, then these combinations are worth playing. With the fifth card, participants become more aggressive. It is necessary to discard if the opponents have outs. However, if you have a strong enough combination, you should play it. This will force opponents to pay for a new card. Always pay attention to the aggressively playing participant, this means that he has a strong combination of cards in his hands.

Sixth street

At this stage of the game, your task is to make opponents with sets or two pairs fold their cards. If you have an average combination and you have a raise against you, it is preferable to fold the cards.

Seventh Street

With the last card, the player has a clear idea regarding his chances of winning. It is no longer difficult to guess how strong the hands of the other remaining participants are. As a rule, participants prefer not to fold cards at the end of the game. If the draw is not formed, you should skip the move. It is better to fold cards if someone bets.

Now you have learned the most important Stud Poker online strategies. However, do not forget about practice. You can visit Intertops Poker to try your luck and develop your game skills. After practice, you will know exactly how to play Stud Poker.

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