Study Reveals Gambling is Common among Malaysian Pupils

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According to a recent study conducted by the Gamblers Rehab Centre Malaysia, 93% of primary school pupils have gambled.

It seems that playing for money is tempting not only for adults, but for kids too. A study conducted by the Gamblers Rehab Centre Malaysia reveals shocking details about underage betting in the country.

A survey involving 600 primary school pupils showed that 93% of them have already tried some form of betting. As for secondary school students, the survey was even more comprehensive and it included 5,000 participants. When asked whether they had ever gambled, 89% of them answered “Yes”.

Gambling with parental blessing

Almost all of these kids have stumbled upon gambling games while attending weddings or during Chinese New Year family gatherings. Apparently, they couldn’t depend on their parents to warn them about the fact that Malaysian gambling laws forbid them from playing, as the survey indicated “most of them (82%) started gambling with family members, followed by friends, on the Internet and at school.”

While it would be impossible for a child to walk into a casino unnoticed and just start gambling his money away, there is no way of stopping a kid who decides to play online casinos in Malaysia, as operators can’t verify the user’s age. All they need to do is introduce their parents’ credit card info and they’re free to try any number of online casino games.

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