Sure, Bet On The Existence Of Alien Life, But Not At Area 51

  • Oddly The Bookies Slash Odds On Donald Trump Opening Area 51 To The Public
  • Sites Like Bovada Will Give You Odds For A Bet On The Existence Of Alien Life
  • Trump 20/1 To Announce Aliens Exist But Only 2/1 To Open Up Secret Test Site
Bet On The Existence Of Alien Life

With any other President you simply wouldn’t get this sort of wager available. Things with Trump are different. For instance, if you’ve bet on the existence of alien life, the bookies have got a great opportunity for you. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are currently offering up a hugely reduced set of odds on Donald Trump opening up Area 51 to the public. Of course, if the bookies are offering 2/1 on him doing that, there’s probably nothing really there.

Popular culture is replete with wild tales of aliens. Ancient Aliens theorists believe they’ve been visiting for thousands of years. Movies are full of them. Television series both celebrate and vilify them. Aliens are everywhere. Area 51 is a little different. It has been the center of UFO conspiracy theories for decades now. If you were to bet on the existence of alien life on Earth, you’d probably wager that’s where it is. It has that sort of reputation. Perhaps deservedly so.

2020 US Election Odds at Bovada

  • Michael Bloomberg – 18/1
  • Elizabeth Warren – 9/1
  • Pete Buttigieg – 9/1
  • Bernie Sanders – 8/1
  • Joe Biden – 11/2
  • Donald Trump – 10/11

This means when the bookies suddenly cut the odds on Donald Trump opening it up to the public, people notice. Now down to just 2/1 it’s a puzzler. What is it the bookies like Bovada know that we don’t? With many in the US gambling laws remain pretty strict on immigration it seems unlikely Trump will unveil some intergalactic visitors stashed out in the desert. So don’t bet on the existence of alien life just yet. Area 51 going public means you can bet there’s nothing there. 

Secret US Military Base Could Be Opened To Public

If there were aliens at Area 51 the odds on Trump announcing their existence would have fallen too. They haven’t. The odds on the President announcing aliens exist is still 20/1. For your perspective, this is far longer than the 8/1 you can get on Melania living with another man. Another wager you’d probably not get with another President. That said there were some pretty strange books run on Michelle Obama at the time. Not all of them as weird as Area 51 going public.

Bet On The Existence Of Alien Life
Area 51 (Image source: Airwolfhound [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
So then if you bet on the existence of alien life, this is probably going to be disappointing. It’ll just be a runway and a few bunkers. A dull 50s test site in the desert. Sure, there will be plenty of conspiracies about the authorities moving the aliens. The internet will doubtless create new sites on which to focus. But should it happen this will detract from many a theory online. It probably won’t. Even at that price. A bet on sports in the US is far more sensible than this sort of novelty wager.

Bet On The Existence Of Alien Life At Bovada

It being Christmas you have to expect novelty wager creep. A bet on the existence of alien life, Donald Trump getting the peace prize, or the winner of some reality Tv show is all part of this. There are plenty of decent sporting events on over the holidays. There is no need to resort to this frivolity of opportunity. You can wager on just about anything if you put your mind to it, but that doesn’t mean you should. Find yourself backing Ed Sheeran at the bookies and times are weird.

Odds On Space Oddities at Bovada

  • Trump To Open Area 51 To The Public – 2/1
  • Trump To Confirm Existence Of Alien Life – 20/1

Not weird enough for there to be aliens at Area 51, however. At 2/1 you can punt a bit on Donald Trump opening up the top secret facility to the public scrutiny. He just might do it. However, on no account use this as a support for a bet on the existence of alien life. Sure, they could well walk amongst us even now, but do not hit up Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the US to stake money on it. Odds on the current President of the US being an alien are unavailable.

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