Surrey to Live Up to Best 2019 County Championship Betting Predictions

  • Surrey have the best odds to win a 2nd consecutive title by winning the 2019 County Championship
  • Nottinghamshire given second chance to win the County Championship following 2018 relegation scare
  • Warwickshire are among the two new teams to be promoted to Division 1
2019 County Championship Betting Predictions

Surrey are clear favorite cricket club to be the this year’s County Champions. Somerset however could upset Championship favorites according to the 2019 County Championship betting predictions.

The County Championship is a first class cricket competition in Wales and England. 18 teams from English and Welsh counties compete for the Championship in two divisions, Division 1 and Division 2. The first round of this year’s Championship began on 5 April 2019 and will conclude on 23 September 2019.

These are the odds of some of the Division 1 crickets clubs contending for the 2019 County Championship. They include 2018 Champions Surrey and newly promoted Warwickshire:

The Best 2019 County Championship Betting Predictions – Make a bet at Bet365
Surrey 5/2
Somerset 7/2
Essex 13/2
Nottinghamshire 8/1
Warwickshire 14/1

Surrey to claim a 2nd consecutive title win according to 2019 County Championship betting predictions

Surrey have the best chance to win the 2019 championship and retain their 2018 County Championship trophy. Their odds of achieving this are 5/2 making them a safe bet on Bet365 Sportsbook.

The cricket club also have the second best County Championship record with 19 titles and 1 shared title with Lancashire. They secured the 2018 title comfortably with 10 wins, 1 loss and 3 draws from 14 games earning 254 points.

Surrey also have the squad depth to continue their reign in the new cricket campaign. They will be with Morne Morkel who has extended his contract according to online sportsbook news in the UK. The bowler achieved the second most wickets in Division 1 with 59 wickets from 10 matches.

2019 County Championship Betting Predictions
Morne Morkel

Their 21 year old player, Ryan Mckerr will be one of their must see players this season. Surrey will look to give the youngster a chance in the starting lineup following his promising performance in the 2018 County Championship.

Somerset have the potential to catch up to Surrey and win their first County Championship title

Somerset also stand a chance to win this year’s County Championship and upset top favorites Surrey. They have good odds at 7/2 on Bet365 Sportsbook, one of the available online sportsbooks in the UK. This means that the competition for the 2019 County Championship might come down to both Somerset and Surrey. Unfortunately, Somerset lost the 2018 Championship by 46 points despite having a encouraging start to the competition.

However, the 2019 County Championship betting predictions also opt Somerset to be this year’s champions thanks to their promising lineup. Their homegrown and international cricketers have the potential to be dominant in bowling, batting and fielding. Although they’ve never won the County Championship, 2019 seems to be a promising year for the club to claim their first victory.

Essex could end their 2 year County Championship trophy less run this year

Essex don’t have the strongest odds to claim this year’s County Championship title but could still pull off a win. Despite finishing 3rd in Division 1 last year, the club’s title chance stand at 13/2.

However, their championship win in 2017 does increase their 2019 title hopes. Sir Alastair Cook will be one to watch as he now has a lot to contribute to the club following his international cricket retirement. The former England captain will likely continue his heavy run-scoring form without the interruption of international cricket.

2019 County Championship Betting Predictions
Sir Alastair Cook

In addition to player transfers, the club have also made an addition their coaching staff. Essex announced that former South African fast bowler Andre Nel would be their new assistant coach. He will also be the bowling coach and this could prove to be beneficial for the club’s title aspirations.

Nottinghamshire hope their 2018 relegation scare won’t come back to haunt them

Nottinghamshire’s (8/1) close relegation escape to Division 2 might affect their 2019 County Championship title hopes. The club were fortunate to stay in Division 1 despite finishing with the same points (133) as relegated Lancashire.

Fortunately, they won more games as Lancashire giving them a chance to contend for the 2019 Championship. Although Nottinghamshire stand a chance to avoid relegation this year, a championship win might be out of reach this year.

Their decision to primarily sign young cricketers wasn’t seen as popular move within the cricket community. However, their young signings particularly Zak Chapell are expected to excel and help the team achieve a top 3 finish in Division 1. Other notable signings include Ben Duckett, Ben Slater, James Pattinson and Ben Slater.

2018 Division 2 Champions Warwickshire likely to struggle in Division 1

The 2019 County Championship betting predictions say that Warwickshire might not have enough depth in their squad to compete in the top cricket division. The club will start of the new season with major changes to their lineup largely affecting their batting.

As a result, Warwickshire will be without batsman Jonathan Trott following his professional retirement from cricket. It won’t be easy to replace the English cricketer who was known for giving the team depth in batting.  Unfortunately, batsman Ian Bell will miss the first 3 months of the championship due to injury. 

Thankfully, their new additions Liam Norwell and Craig Miles have the potential to revitalize their bowling attack. Fortunately, the club will still be with bowler and their lead spinner Jeetan Patel. He executed his role as captain well leading Warwickshire to Division 1 promotion in 2018.

However with odds at 14/1, there’s doubt that the newly promoted team will comfortably settle and compete well in Division 1. For more information on the bookmaker where you can bet on the likes of Warwickshire, be sure to read more about Bet365 Sportsbook.

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