2019 Time POTY Betting Predictions

  • Time magazine chooses a person or a group of people as their person of the year each year
  • Gretha Thunberg, Donald Trump and Jacinda Ardern are leading with high odds
2019 Time POTY Betting Predictions
Trump's not the favorite - he won't be happy about it

Time magazine person of the year is an award given to individuals who have impacted the world the most. Whether it has been for the better or worse. This year Greta Thunberg, Donald Trump, and Jacinda Arden are leading with high odds. Let’s take a look at 2019 Time POTY Predictions.

2019 Time POTY betting odds

Gretha Thunberg 2.25
Donald Trump 7.50
Jacinda Ardern 11.00
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Greta Thunberg- brave and brazen for mother earth

The 16-year-old Greta Thunberg has taken the world by storm after her school strike for the climate movement. Greta is a worldwide icon for student activism, raising awareness for the dangers are climate changes. The dangers which are more than ever prominent today.

Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg

Climate change has been the topic of many conversations this year. We started from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s green new deal. Then we had the UK banning plastic straws and then the EU parliament banning single-use plastic by 2025. Meanwhile, the general public gained more insight into the prominent dangers of global warming.

How is all of this related? Well, for one thing, Time magazine always picks relevant issues of that year and the people who have had a direct impact on those issues. In this year that would be Greta Thunberg.

The teenager is very active on the international scene and speaks publicly about the initiatives individuals and governments should be taking. Furthermore, she was chosen as one of the “world’s greatest leaders” by Fortune. According to online sportsbook sites in the US, there is a high possibility of Greta becoming the time POTY. no wonder she’s the bookies’ favorite. Her odds are currently 2.25.

Donald Trump- a disgrace to the 2019 Time POTY betting predictions

It’s even infuriating to think that Donald Trump (7.50) would even be considered for such an honor. But as we all know he was the Time POTY in 2016. And he has been waiting on the edge of his seat for his next chance.

2019 Time POTY betting odds
Trump’s been waiting on the edge of his seat for his next chance

We would suggest you to not bet on Donald Trump to best time person of the year in 2019. He’s just been his idiotic self and hasn’t surpassed any new levels of hypocrisy. Time is an important platform and only truly deserving individuals should make it on the cover.

Jacinda Ardern- definition of a leader

Jacinda Ardern (11.00) is the prime minister of New Zealand. She is the youngest prime minister in the world but behaves as if she has a lifetime of experience. In the aftermath of the tragic attack on two mosques in NZ, Arden showed compassion like no other leader. She managed to set an example of a leader for the world and define solidarity with Muslim people. Moreover, right after that, she reformed the country’s gun laws. She made it harder for individuals to obtain guns.

She has impacted not just New Zealand but the world. The pictures of her comforting the families of the victims went viral. Of course in the era of Trump and Putin, it’s refreshing to see leaders like this.

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