Svenska Spel Casino Monopoly Adds Lotto to Swedish Mobile Gambling


Posted: October 22, 2011

Updated: October 4, 2017

Sevenska Spel casino monopoly is doing its best to survive by adding lotto to its portfolio of mobile casino games in Sweden.

Svenska Spel, the casino monopoly created under Swedish gambling laws has been fighting for survival as it continue to lose support in parliament faster than Sweden has been losing its national identity. In other words – very, very quickly.

In an attempt to prove that it can earn its keep, Svenska Spel has continued its program of modernizing not only its offering of online gambling options but expanding its portfolio of mobile casino games in Sweden mobile casino games in Sweden.

According to online gambling news in Sweden, the only form of mobile gambling today is a mobile gambling service called Stryktipset which is offered by Svenska Spel. Stryktipset is a form of a mobile football pool exclusively covering the Swedish summer football season which last for a few weeks in July. (I am joking, the season lasts longer, but I’ve just returned from there and it is rather freezing.)

Svenska Spel decided to add lotto to its mobile portfolio instead of a proper suite of casino games from Spin3, Probability, IGT or other reputable developer of mobile gambling software platforms.

The mobile lottery service will allow Swedes to buy pre-packed mobile casino games and register through their mobile devices once a playing card has been issued.

Patrik Gun, Mobile Sales Manager at Svenska Spel said: “We are constantly working to offer our customers more products & services on our mobile web. The future goal is even more products”.

We wish them the best of luck competing with foreign based mobile casinos jam-packed with libraries of both Android and iPhone mobile casino games. Liberalization will be knocking on Sweden’s door quite soon , this author predicts.

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