Sweden to Block Unlicensed Gambling Sites?

Sweden Blocks Unlicensed Gambling Sites

Internet service provider (ISP) Bahnhof was contacted about the possibilities of changing Swedish gambling laws in order to block unlicensed online gambling websites.

Government investigator looked for the possibility of blocking unlicensed websites offering online gambling in Sweden, according to internet service provider Bahnhof. The ISP reported that the investigator was looking into Swedish gambling laws for the possibility to block unlicensed operators.

Sweden to block unlicensed gambling sites by 2017

Investigator Haken Hallstedt was hired by the government and is expected to offer his views of altering online gambling laws Sweden by March 2017. Bahnhof chief executive Jon Karlung refused to pick a side in this debate. However, he expressed his concerned about the idea of blocking internet content.

He said, “We want to strongly warn of action to close parts of the internet that authorities deem objectionable. Today there is no compelling state filtering of the internet in Sweden. To throttle the internet and freedom of communication is obviously the wrong way to go.”

Internet freedom is closely associated with Bahnhof. They host the controversial website WikiLeaks. The government also tried the block file-sharing site Pirate Bay back in 2008. However, Bahnhof refused to comply with the demand from the government.

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