Swedish Gambling Giant Helps Local Community Solve Crimes

Swedish gambling giant Svenska Spel assists a local shop owner in uncovering a thieving employee

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Usually popular opinion regards gambling operators as uncaring criminals, profiting from the addiction allegedly caused by gambling. It seems that things in Sweden are a little different. Online gambling news in Sweden learned that Svenska Spel, the Swedish giant gambling operator, has spent considerable time helping a local store owner solve a mysterious crime.

Svenska Spel, a Swedish gambling state-owned monopoly, operating in full compliance with Swedish gambling laws, assisted a small diamond shop owner in bringing a homeless boy sleeping outside his store to justice.

The diamond store owner from Vellinge discovered that several hundreds of thousands of Swedish kronor were missing from the store. He immediately suspected that a few homeless sleeping across the street must be responsible.

His suspicions laid upon a 13-year-old boy and he turned to Svenska Spel for assistance. The gambling operator was able to identify the boy as a hustler outside one of its gambling halls working for mafia owners of several online casinos in Sweden and provided the store owner with further details.

It turned out that the boy was working with an employee of the diamond store, tentatively identified as Swedish national, who’s spent over SEK400,000 (presumably stolen from the diamond store) gambling and won around SEK300,000, which he naturally kept for himself.

Svenska Spel also was able to confirm an unusual pattern in which the clerk played. The distinctive gaming pattern virtually guaranteed winnings, suggesting that the gamer was either mentally retarded or was not playing with her own funds. 

The case was forwarded to the police, who have already questioned the clerk about how could she afford to wager such large amounts on a monthly salary of SEK8,000. The clerk denies all theft accusations and says she was gambling on money provided by her mother.

The matter is now in local court, where the clerk could face both administrative and criminal charges.

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