Caesar’s CEO Supports Legalized Online Poker in America

Caesars CEO joins the long list of officials lobbying for legalization of online poker in United States

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One of the best known and largest casino groups in the world, Caesars Entertainment, is planning to allocate more resources towards lobbying law-makers an an effort to expedite the changes in American gambling laws to legalize online poker.

The current legal framework, which was responsible for closing down online poker sites in United States, is “bizarre” according to Gary Loveman, CEO of Caesars. Currently US players are allowed to play poker, yet no US company can operate online poker sites. Loveman says there exists “a will” inside the Congress to change the regulations.

Gary Loveman said: “I can’t think of another example where there is something an American can buy that no American entity can provide”. His push for lobbying in favor of legalizing online poker comes only 4 months after the events of Black Friday.

Loveman shared his views with online gambling news in United States: “The authorities cracked down on the illegal offshore providers, but that’s left a vacuum for people like us to be able to legally offer this service. I do believe there is a will in Congress to correct this …. we ought to clean up the regulatory and policing environment and that’s what we’re seeking.”

He continued to say: “First, it creates the appropriate legal and enforcement environment where the game is being provided fairly by regulated entities that are known to the American authorities. Second, there’s a lot of job creation associated with this; we could provide thousands of American jobs if given the right to do so and there [also] would be the benefit of tax revenues.”

A few European gambling operators are already looking into possibilities of entering the American market, especially, formed after the merger of Party Gaming and bwin. Las Vegas based operators are also voicing their support of legalization of online poker. Hopefully we will see a positive change in American regulations soon enough.

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