Swedish Keeper Gambles On Seasons At Swansea

Swansea signs Nordfeldt

With Swansea making yet another signing the Swedish international keeper Kristoffer Nordfeldt will be playing for the Swans for the next three seasons

I live abroad. This instantly, so I’m led to believe, makes me one of two things. I’m either an Ex-Pat or an immigrant. The difference between the two seems to involve the circumstances under which you were living prior to the move, and those that you find yourself in once you have moved. This is usually measured economically so that if you go from a rich country to a poor one you’re an Ex-Pat, if you go from a poor country to a rich country, you’re an immigrant.

Swans Sign Swedish Keeper
• Kristoffer Nordfeldt signs for City
• Moves from Heerenveen
• Pairs up with Fabianski

Personally I detest both terms. Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery, and given the connotations now applied to the word I think it no more than an insult at this point. Having invaded and exploited half the world Europe was apparently gambling news of their wealth would escape their victims, and now wants to pretend that the causes of migration are nothing to do with them, that the situations these poor people are trying to escape aren’t our fault, which frankly they are, in an attitude that would make even Pontius Pilate look embarrassed.

Ex-Pat, a shortening of Ex-patriot, is even worse. It stinks of a colonialist attitude and a now bygone era, giving off a sort of “aren’t you lucky I’m here in your hovel?” vibe that must irritate the natives of any nation inflicted with these people. These people like me. Thing is, however, I was never a patriot, and so can’t really be accused of being a former patriot. Patriotism is mindless tribal rubbish which leads to the stupidity of Nationalism and I want nothing to do with it.

City Sign Up Keeper Nordfeldt

What really interests me is what do you call someone who moves between similarly scaled economic situations? Just what is the term for those that transfer their lives twixt two nations of approximately the same standards of living? Exigrants? Immipats? It honestly interests me, what do you, for instance, call a Swede who moves from the Netherlands to say Wales? The answer is, we discovered just the other day, Kristoffer Nordfeldt.

The 26 year old Swedish International goalie has been signed up for a three year stint at Swansea City, after Dutch side Heerenveen agreed a deal that has remained undisclosed, a necessary signing for City following the departure of both Gerhard Tremmel AND David Cornell leaving them a gap at the back that desperately needed filling. It is perhaps that desperation that keeps the figures agreed on under wraps, who knows how much they were willing to part with.

Kristoffer Nordfeldt

Kristoffer Nordfeldt signs 3-year contract with Swansea.  (Photo: DailyMail)

Signing for Swansea on his birthday (Congrats Kris) the Swede has five international caps to his name and will be shoulder to shoulder with Lukasz Fabianski vying for a first team place between the posts when the season kicks off this autumn. Nordfeldt is the third signing made by the Swan’s manager Gary Monk this summer, and with Andre Ayew bolstering the strike force and Franck Tabanou propping up the defense it would seem Swansea are worth a wager on your mobile casino.

Swansea Face Chelsea In Season Opener

Swansea have a reputation for gritty determination and their almost rollercoaster rise and fall over their lengthy history has given their fans both the satisfaction of success and some truly disastrous periods wherein the words “strife” and “collapse” get used a lot, with the late sixties seeing them in a doomed spiral down and the late seventies seeing them rise up like a phoenix only to sink out of sight within a decade.

Swansea vs Chelsea

Swansea is to face Chelsea in the Premier League Season Opener.  (Photo: Metro)

Perhaps it was their move to a new stadium that inspired them, the Liberty Stadium is a glory of the area in which it sits, but whatever you ascribe it to since 2005 City have been on the rise again, returning to the top flight of English football in 2011 and remaining there. This has led to them being able to afford not just an expansion and improvement of their beloved stadium, but also a spending spree on players that will give them a great chance next season.

Of course ComeOn! Sportsbook doesn’t give Swansea much hope in its opening game against Chelsea, but then few teams would be, and season’s openers can always be surprising so despite the odds being so heavily weighted one way (Chelsea are 1.29 to Swansea’s 11.00) fans of Nordfeldt might want to take advantage of Swedish gambling laws being quite so outdated and log on to put a few Krona behind their newest import into Wales.

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