Swedish Online Gambling Tax to be Set Around 15-20%

Swedish online gambling tax news

One year ago after the official announcement of the markets re-regulation investigators were asked to create a proposal for the Swedish online gambling tax.  

The investigation into Sweden’s gambling market and its regulation has started a year ago. According to Copenhagen Economics, the government has asked special investigators to provide a proposal for the re-regulation that would open the country’s doors for privately owned international gambling companies. According to the government’s plan, the new legislation will be ready by the end of 2017.

Copenhagen Economics itself has conducted a study with the following conclusions:

  • Swedish online gambling tax rates of 15-20% would be ideal
  • Tax rates over 20% would hurt the legal market and lower tax-revenues

”Increased tax-rates mean that gambling operators within the licensing system may be less competitive compared to operators outside the system [and consequently] consumers choose to gamble less at the licensed gambling operators, either by reducing the total gamble volumes or by substituting to operators outside the system,”  puts the study.

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