Swedish Svensson Bets She’s Ready For Farias Fight

Klara Svensson training

The Swedish challenger to Erica Anabella Farias, Klara Svensson, has just days left before she gets her shot at the WBC Light Welterweight title in Copenhagen

Swedish gambling laws might be a touch anachronistic, state controlled monopolies being about as fit for purpose in the 21st century as a horse and buggy is for the Indie 500, but I suspect that won’t stop a fair few residents of the Nordic nation putting their hard earned Krona behind female Swedish boxing belt challenger Klara Svensson who goes up against Erica Anabella Farias on May 2nd in Copenhagen as another Nordic Fight Night rolls around.

Farias vs Svensson

• WBC Light Welterweight
• May 2nd in Copenhagen
• Farias belt is on the line

Fighting for Farias’ WBC Light Welterweight title the two will square off on a mixed card of bouts staged by Sauerland in the Frederiksberg-Hallerne in an event titled, with panache for understatement so common amongst boxing promoters, “Going For Gold”. With the crème de la crème of fighters from the region slugging it out it should be a great night of boxing, and a superb warm up to the bout in Vegas everyone is waiting for; Pacquiao vs Mayweather.

“This is going to be a fantastic fight and a great advert for female boxing.” Enthuses promoter Nisse Sauerland, “We have the two top fighters in the division, the champion and the number one contender, going toe-to-toe for the world title. This is what boxing is all about!” Which may well be true but if Nisse is hoping to expand the gravitas of female boxing much of the coverage veers between stereotypes like a pinball at full tilt.

The 1980s satirical TV show Spitting Image represented reporters as pigs constantly chasing and then rolling around in filth, and their camera-touting cousins as seedy scrawny looking vultures, and whilst the reporters have managed in the main to keep themselves focused on the sporting achievement of these two accomplished fighters, Farias’ 21-1 record with 10 KOs, and Svensson’s 15-0 with 5 knock-outs making for an interesting match up, the photographers have not quite managed the same.

Svensson Steps Up For Belt Bout

Of course no one was seriously gambling news photographers would get the two to pose topless as most of them would wish, but nor did they quite get a handle on the differences between the genders when it comes to imagery. This means when the two fighters met up for a press-bout press and photo opportunity in Stockholm, the traditional presentation of boxing, which works so well with male fighters looked a tad askew with two female participants instead.

Facing each other, fists balled, the belt over Farias’ shoulder, the two should have looked like dangerous lean mean fighting machines, coiled springs of controlled violence just waiting to beat each other to a pulp. Unfortunately the photographers forgot women don’t dress like male boxers (who all seem to have bought their wardrobe at hoodlums-R-Us) and so the resulting publicity shot doesn’t have the same air of menace that perhaps they would have liked.

Indeed to looking at picture of the pair in Stockholm, the dark haired Farias in a long sleeved white top and the distinctly blonde Svensson, who is nearly a head taller, wearing a tailored blue blouse and glasses, it appears far more like a minor character in Boston Legal is haranguing her cleaning lady for some transgression in a discussion that could end in hair pulling before the next ad break. If it weren’t for the eyes of each looking daggers at the other, it would be comparatively innocent.

Their carefully prepared comments, however, echo the male boxing world, paying due respect to their opponent whilst at the same time very obviously making it clear their own personal victory is in absolutely no doubt whatsoever. Svensson told the press that she was ready for the fight saying;
“I’ve been waiting my whole career for this moment. This is a dream scenario for me. I have the opportunity to take the title from the champion and establish myself as the best in the division.”

Lots Of Respect & Confidence

Farias Svensson
“Klara is a good fighter,” allowed Farias in return, “but she is not taking my title away from me. I’m the champion and the belt will be coming back to Argentina with me. On Saturday night I will be bringing fire to the ring and lets see if Klara can handle the heat!” To which the confident Svensson said; “I’m expecting a tough, tactical fight, but I will be ready. I really feel like it’s my time and I’m not going to disappoint. I have a lot of respect for Erica and everything she has achieved but on Saturday night I will show no mercy.”

“I have a lot of respect for Farias,” said Svensson. “I know she is a dangerous opponent, but I don’t think she is a remarkable boxing technician, and that is where I hold advantage. I will need to be careful, but I know what she is bringing to the table and I’m ready for it.” A belief that Farias believes is overly optimistic saying; “Klara can dream all she wants but on Saturday night she will get a reality check.” Leaving us all with the prospect of a hard-fought fight on the night.

Akin to many of those who like to bet on sports in Sweden at ComeOn! Sportsbook and similar superb sites, Svensson might take heart from the victory of fellow Swede Badou Jack over Anthony Dirrell in Chicago last week, winning him the WBC Super Middleweight belt and boosting the nation’s interest in boxing just as the Nordic Fight Night, Going For Gold gives them opportunity to cheer on another of their country’s best boxing hopes. Question is, can Svensson make it two belts in two weeks?

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