Nordic Fighters To Duke It Out In Denmark

Nordic Fight Night 2015

Sauerland Promotions has put together another great night of boxing for May 2nd so lets take a look a who’ll be stepping into the ring in Copenhagen

If you like to bet on sports in Denmark the chances are you’re already aware that this Saturday sees a full night of boxing as the Nordic Fight Night; Going For Gold, coincides nicely with the big fight in Vegas where Mayweather and Pacquiao will steal all the headlines come Sunday morning. Having moved to a slightly different venue slightly closer to the center of Copenhagen, it looks set to provide just as much of a mixed bag of boxing as the one earlier in the year produced.

Nordic Fight Night

• Going For Gold
• Copenhagen May 2nd
• Nielsen fights Acosta

There have been a few changes to the card in recent weeks but that’s mostly been down to injury and illness, and of such things sporting drama is made, perhaps the most notable of which is the lamentable withdrawal of Micki Nielsen who is unable to defend his WBC International cruiserweight title against Junior Anthony Wright due to contracting pneumonia. This would, perhaps anywhere else in the world, leave a rather ghastly hole at the top of the bill, but not in Denmark.

Stepping up to make sure the fans get what they want elder brother Patrick Nielsen will take over the headline fight taking on former world title challenger Ruben Eduardo Acosta in a ten round Super Middleweight contest that is bound to see sparks fly. “I haven’t taken any time out since my last fight, so I’m more than ready to go.” Patrick assured fight fans, saying of his younger brother, “I feel bad for him, as I know how much he wanted this fight, but I’m happy I can take his place and keep it in the family.”

“Acosta is an experienced opponent,” Nielsen allows, “but I’ll be ready for whatever he has to offer. Against Tahdooahnippah I showed a glimpse of what I can do at super middleweight, but on May 2nd, I’m going to show the full package.” Which is either a dire threat of a dangerously devastating display of pugilism, or a worrying hint that he might do the Full Monty. “Danish fans,” agrees Nisse Sauerland, promoter of the night’s fights, “can look forward to another exciting fight.”

Nielsen Replaces…….Nielsen

Olegs Fetodovs
Of course whilst most will take advantage of the almost sensible Danish gambling laws to put money on Nielsen at sites like ComeOn! Sportsbook, there are other Danes to back including Middleweight Abdul Khattab (11-0 & 3KOs) who takes on Howard Cospolite (11-4-1 & 5 KOs) and has recently spent time in Berlin sparring with former Amateur world champion “Golden” Jack Culcay to get himself in the right place to step into the ring against Cospolite.

It being a Nordic fight night you’d expect some representation from the other northern nations and Norway in particular hasn’t disappointed sending no fewer than three fighters to take to the ring on May 2nd each of them with a very good chance against their opponents. Indeed it might be well worth a small punt on all three of them being victorious, but boxing always has a way of confounding the predictions made about it and who can say what will happen when the bell goes.

Tim-Robin Lihaug (11-1 & 6 KOs) takes on Istvan Zeller (18-6 & 6 KOs) after Giuseppe Brischetto suffered a knee injury preventing him fighting, a Super Middleweight bout that is bound to show both men try to showcase their skills. Zeller goes in with odds of just 7.30 (compared to Tim’s 1.08) so he has a lot to prove, but that doesn’t mean he won’t give the 22 year old Norwegian from Bergen a run for his money. “I can’t take Zeller lightly.” Agreed Lihaug, “He has fast feet so will make it difficult, but if I keep the pressure on him sooner or later I’m going to catch him and when I do we will see if he can stand up to my power.”

Fellow countryman Alexander Hagen (6-1 & 2 KOs) the light heavyweight hopeful steps through the ropes to take on the Latvian “Viking” Olegs Fedotovs (19-20 & 13 KOs) which should prove interesting with the Norwegian still having something to prove after his surprise knock-down back in September that handed him his only loss. “I’ve learnt a lot from my loss and I think that’s showed in my last two fights. I’ve come back stronger and more focused but I still have a lot to prove.”

Three Norwegians To Fight In Denmark

With Hagen rated at 1.10 to Fedotovs 6.30 the bookies think he will prove it, but Fedotovs is no push over and there will be a fair few local Latvians in the crowd urging him onward on Saturday perhaps gambling news coverage will be of his win on Sunday. “Whatever happens in the ring,” assures Hagen, “I promise to give the fans a good performance and an exciting fight. I’m hungry to get in there and show I have what it takes to succeed.”

The third Norwegian is Simen Smaadal (9-1 & 4 KOs) takes on Volodymyr Boroskyy (21-58-2 & 10 KOs) of which, frankly he should take no time at all over seeing as his odds are1.05 to Borovskyy’s 8.40, and perhaps that won’t be as interesting a bout as Dane Rashid Kassem (7-0-0 & 4 KOs) taking on fellow lightweight Anto Nakic (2-3-0 & 1 KO), but like all boxing predictions that one may not stand up to the harsh light of reality. However the fight everyone is talking about is Svensson Vs Farias.

The ladies square off against each other for Farias’ WBC Light Welterweight belt in a bout that promoter Nisse Sauerland described with the words “This is going to be a fantastic fight and a great advert for female boxing. We have the two top fighters in the division, the champion and the number one contender, going toe-to-toe for the world title. This is what boxing is all about!” But can Klara Svensson really beat the more experienced Erica Anabella Farias?

“I’m expecting a tough, tactical fight, but I will be ready. I really feel like it’s my time and I’m not going to disappoint. I have a lot of respect for Erica and everything she has achieved but on Saturday night I will show no mercy.” Said Svensson but Farias was equally confident saying; “Klara is good boxer but she is not taking my title away from me. On Saturday night, I will be bringing fire to the ring and let’s see if Klara can handle the heat!” Which means this will be a very, very interesting bout to behold.

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