Swedish Twins Win $11.4 Million Lotto Dream of Pepper Farming Degree

Twin brothers won the 12 million dollar lotto in Sweden and plan to study faster for a degree in agriculture

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The winning ticket holders of one of the biggest lotto draws in Swedish history have come forward. The winners are 25 year old twin brothers from Gothenburg who are now studying to become what they believe is the greatest career in the world – that of a sweet pepper farmer.

According to online gambling news in Sweden, the shy twins who refused to both pose for photos or disclose their names, won the $11,416,526 lotto prize after purchasing $100 worth of tickets with their pooled allowance at a corner tobacco shop.

To say that the newest Swedish millionaires are bizarre is an understatement. The only statement that the twin I called ‘Crazy’ said throughout the entire ten minute question and answer session was ‘You! You put this cruel gold into our lives.’

The other twin who I called ‘Buck-tooth’ provided answers, though he kept confusing an Agricultural college that both of the brothers are attending with a graduate level Business College program.

This is what was understood from the interview. The twins feel happy that they’ve won the money. I am not sure what was going through the mind of ‘Crazy’, but happiness felt the wrong word.

They plan to split the money evenly and play in at least one large tournament with a high buy in inside a Swedish poker room

The brothers spend two days wandering the city until they met someone they knew and spent a few days with the friend. After two days the brothers decided to check the tickets and compare them to the winning number shown on TV.

When they compared the tickets they slowly realized that they are millionares and sat down to plan their bright future. The brothers agreed to purchase a big enough farm to grow multiple varieties of sweet potatoes and live in a state of bliss.

The brothers contacted Svenska Spel, the Swedish Gambling monopoly, created under Swedish gambling laws, during lunch time because they felt superstitious about making the call at any other times.

It is difficult to conclusively say that the camera shy twins were repeatedly dropped as babies, were in shock or had a strange sense of humor got lost in translation, yet nobody else was laughing either. I guess we will never know.

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